TRY THIS to add LIFE to EYES and make them POP using Lightroom Classic + CC 2023



With the power of Lightroom’s AI masking tools, it makes it so much easier than in the past.

So, here’s a photo of my daughter. And we shot this a couple of summers’s ago, and I’ve already done some edits, and the last thing to do is to brighten up and boost the color of her eyes.

There’s an old saying that the eyes are the window to the soul, and right now, because they are so dark, she looks a little lifeless.

So, I’m going to harness the power of Lightroom’s AI masking by clicking on this to reveal the list of available masks, and I’m going to select these two and click Create Mask to add them to the Mask panel.

Ok, so this one refers to the whites of the eyes, and I’m going to slightly increase the exposure by that much. You don’t want to go too far because it’ll look fake or will make them look like the eyes of an alien.

For the pupil, I’m going to increase the exposure a bit, and the secret ingredient for making eyes stand out is to add a little contrast. And I don’t recommend the contrast slider. Instead, I’m going to boost the Texture a little bit and Clarity a little more.

Ok, one more step left, and that is to sharpen the eye itself. The problem though is Lightroom’s sharpening isn’t going to get the job done. And that’s due to the eye itself being out of focus which was caused due to the shallow depth of field that I used, which was f one point eight.

So, I’m going to use Topaz Photo AI to automagically sharpen the eyes. And if you don’t have this plugin, here’s a 👉️ FREE TRIAL Topaz Photo AI:

And it magically discovers that the eye is out of focus and applies some sharpening to fix it.

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