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  2. It's too cold at the moment for me... -5C.
  3. Yeah, that is on my list of things to get better at. Unfortunately, we are in a suburban area so plenty of city glow around most of the time. After I got off the couch I would have to get in the car and drive for quite a while to get some good clean sky. I did drag myself out to try and capture the recent super blood wolf moon (eclipse).
  4. Paul D


    Thought I'd post a couple of my images and also thought it would make sense to keep to a theme
  5. My third serious attempt at Astrophotography. Professional I am not, and a lot of learning still to be done, and practice makes perfect...or so they say.
  6. A somber tone is always apparent during a service for our police forces. You see it in their eyes and feel it in the air around you. Gardena police officers. Rolling Hills, CA
  7. Charmaine


  8. Thanks for the input Parker. I will investigate the anti-aliasing filter, maybe this is why my images are softer. Unfortunately, I cant upgrade my camera unless I win lotto Have a great day.
  9. Here are some things to consider... Zoom lenses tend to be less sharp vs. fixed focal length (i.e.; 50mm). The Pentax K5 is 8 years old and probably not as sharp as current cameras From an online review; The Pentax K-5 produces sharp images with very good detail at default settings. Some minor edge enhancement artifacts are visible on high-contrast subjects such as some of the branches in the crop above left, but overall results are still quite good (albeit with a bit too much contrast and saturation for our tastes).Edge enhancement creates the illusion of sharpness by enhancing color and tonal differences right at the edge of a rapid transition in color or tone. The Pentax K5 has an anti-aliasing filter. This reduces Moire effects. However, the trade-off is softer (less sharp) images. I own a Nikon D300, and D500. The d300 also has the anti-aliasing filter (or low pass filter). The d500 does not. The d500 is 100 times better/sharper vs. the d300. This is probably what you're experiencing too. Hope that helps
  10. Hi Parker, I shoot with a Pentax K5 (purchased new), 2nd body is my Pentax K100d ( purchased new), both camera bodies came with new kit lenses - 18-55mm and 18-50mm. The only lens I purchased new was my Sigma 10-20mm. All other lenses were second hand: Sigma 28-80mm macro, Pentax 50mm, Sigma 70-210mm, Sigma 100-300mm. I mainly shoot with the Sigma 28-80mm - switching between macro function and normal, and this is the one I have the most problems with lack of image sharpness. Other lens most used is the 18-55 kit lens. ( I have just realised I should use my 50mm more often! )
  11. Hi Charmaine, It could definitely be the equipment used. Not all are created equal. What camera and lens (make) do you use?
  12. Hi Everyone, I would like to know if anyone else struggles with image focus / sharpness. I usually shoot very close up / macro, and animals, landscapes, nature etc and rarely do I get everything in the image perfect. I find there is one spot that is usually soft. I have read many forums and have looked at other photographers works and they are amazing. Where possible, I write (in a notebook) settings others have used and I try the same settings, and to me there is still softness in my images. I use a tripod, have the 2 sec timer, stick to the focal length x shutter speed, aperture mantra.... I rarely blame my equipment, however, all my lenses were purchased second hand ( extremely limited budget), and I am wondering if this could affect my image quality...or is it the operator missing crucial info / steps / settings. Maybe I am trying to push the Macro lens beyond its limits? When I shoot from a reasonable distance, the images seem fine. ie Miss Velvet in my album, Wildlife. Any advice is welcome. Have a great day Charmaine
  13. I struggle with the late night / very early hours of the morning as well. I might have another go soonish.....maybe
  14. I've been thinking of trying astrophotography myself. For the last 10 years... I'm still not able to get myself off the couch that late at night. At least you tried.
  15. Hi everyone.... I thought I would share my first attempt at Astrophotography.... I spent time online looking at beautiful captures and the camera settings used, and then I headed up to the local lookout. I set up the camera on the tripod, checked settings, and rechecked, and then set off the 2 sec timer ( to reduce camera shake). A few seconds into the shot, my tripod started to very slowly tip to one side. This image is the result. I like to call it my Astro Failure I haven't tried astrophotography since...
  16. So, I go to this website to check out the companies product. The homepage comes up and it's all in French. Interesting. So, there's an option to change the language. Dozens of languages. Except English is greyed out and can't be selected. I turn on my VPN to access an American connection... I'm in Canada. Then, after selecting a different browser I'm able to access the site in English. For some reason, this company thinks that if you're from Canada we all speak French? Quite the contrary. Just annoying that a company assumes you speak a specific language, and restricts you from accessing your official language of choice because you live in a foreign country to them. Rant over.
  17. Hello Carol and welcome to the forum! Your witty sense of humor will fit just right in here. I've added a category for Boudoir photography. Don't be shy. Post some images and don't forget to show off your work in your gallery. Chris
  18. terrellcwoods


    All things portraiture.
  19. terrellcwoods

    The New Sport

    My friends oldest son after a long day of taking pictures for the yearly family portrait finally gets to do exactly want he wanted.

    © @terrellcwoods

  20. Hello from the land down under Not sure how well I will fit in here, my main business is boudoir, and I dont' see a category for it, but here goes. Me: middle aged with freckles, the rest is subject to change without notice. I've lived in most states in Australia, and several other parts of the world. Retired from military service nearly 20 years ago and restarted my photography hobby. Got serious, studied a degree and founded a tiny studio.. still working on it 😆 I shoot Canon, because it suits my left handed brain better, I like warm soft images with grain (aaah, the days of film), and I haven't met a woman I didn't want to photograph, except myself. Seek peace Carol
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