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  1. Same railroad that I Posted I'm the black and white category except closer to the ground. I love this veiw and got the idea watching my daughter getting the Same shot. She enspires me to look at things in a new way every day.
  2. Thank you, me too. I really like railroads too. I'm planning to shoot another railroad location soon.
  3. A dear friend and I ventured to the small Historic Rugby TN. It was raining the first hour after we got there but we still got to spend a few hours shooting there. I can't wait to go back.
  4. This is my daughter. She's growing up too fast and I'm so thankful for her every day. We love to go off on our on and discover new places to take pictures.
  5. I shot this a few weeks ago when my daughter and I had a photo day. I always love spending time with her and I'm glad she loves photography as much as I do.
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