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  1. It's too cold at the moment for me... -5C.
  2. Here are some things to consider... Zoom lenses tend to be less sharp vs. fixed focal length (i.e.; 50mm). The Pentax K5 is 8 years old and probably not as sharp as current cameras From an online review; The Pentax K-5 produces sharp images with very good detail at default settings. Some minor edge enhancement artifacts are visible on high-contrast subjects such as some of the branches in the crop above left, but overall results are still quite good (albeit with a bit too much contrast and saturation for our tastes).Edge enhancement creates the illusion of sharpness by enhancing color and tonal differences right at the edge of a rapid transition in color or tone. The Pentax K5 has an anti-aliasing filter. This reduces Moire effects. However, the trade-off is softer (less sharp) images. I own a Nikon D300, and D500. The d300 also has the anti-aliasing filter (or low pass filter). The d500 does not. The d500 is 100 times better/sharper vs. the d300. This is probably what you're experiencing too. Hope that helps
  3. Hi Charmaine, It could definitely be the equipment used. Not all are created equal. What camera and lens (make) do you use?
  4. I've been thinking of trying astrophotography myself. For the last 10 years... I'm still not able to get myself off the couch that late at night. At least you tried.
  5. So, I go to this website to check out the companies product. The homepage comes up and it's all in French. Interesting. So, there's an option to change the language. Dozens of languages. Except English is greyed out and can't be selected. I turn on my VPN to access an American connection... I'm in Canada. Then, after selecting a different browser I'm able to access the site in English. For some reason, this company thinks that if you're from Canada we all speak French? Quite the contrary. Just annoying that a company assumes you speak a specific language, and restricts you from accessing your official language of choice because you live in a foreign country to them. Rant over.
  6. Hello Carol and welcome to the forum! Your witty sense of humor will fit just right in here. I've added a category for Boudoir photography. Don't be shy. Post some images and don't forget to show off your work in your gallery. Chris
  7. Great shot. Love it! I'm a big fan of b&w images.
  8. Time to get this topic started! Captured this during my daughter's 8th-grade graduation trip. Which was located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Didn't have my tripod and had to shoot hand-held. Which isn't recommended for low light situations. This was shot right after the sunset. The SOOC image was very bland and I edited in Lightroom to enhance the colors (and boost the contrast). Shot with a Nikon D500. 12-24 lens @ f5.6 ISO 800 1/60 sec (hand-held)
  9. Depending on your membership (free or paid) you can add a certain amount of images to your own photo gallery. To get started, click on "Gallery" in the menu above. Click on the "Add Images" (green) button. Choose 1 of the 3 options If creating a new Album, give it a name and description Choose the Ownership, Privacy and Album Features (bottom left) Click the "Create Album" button (bottom right) Set the copyright, credit, tags on "all" options. And if you wish to be notified of comments. Drag and drop your images to "Add Images". Or click the big icon to browse to the folder of images. Give your image a detailed, appropriate Title under "Caption". A description of your image is appreciated too. The goal is to share your knowledge and skills with others. Any info you can provide on how you took the photo will be greatly appreciated by other photographers. Oh, and any location (or other) info to would be cool too. Camera EXIF data will auto-populate if the information is in the file. If not, please manually provide the info. Set some tags so your images can easily be found You can change the Credit and Copyright for images individually if needed. When done with the info on the image, click "Save details" Repeat for each image When done, click "Submit all images" button (bottom right) If needed, you can edit an existing album by changing its name and/or adding or removing images as needed. To do so, navigate to your profile and click on the "Album" tab. Click on the album name and then choose "Manage album" to edit. ***Before uploading your images make sure you size them properly. Images are restricted to 1.5 MB in size or smaller. Anything larger will not upload and will give you an error. Resize images to 1800 pixels wide or tall @ 72DPI and save for the web. This size will generate images that are 1.5MB or smaller for most images. If not, resize accordingly.
  10. Parker


    Hello! My name is Chris Parker and I'm the founder of Parker Photographic (and this community). I've been a photographer for 30 years. My goal with this community is to help aspiring photographers become better at their craft. Whether it's being a better photographer and/or a better editor I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge. To find out more about me and my photography journey, you can read my story here; https://parkerphotographic.com/my-story/
  11. Parker


    New to the community? Well, it's time to introduce yourself to the community! To get started, click the "Start new topic" (top right of this post) and tell us a little about you... Who are you? How long have you been a photographer? What are 1 or 2 goals you'd like to achieve with our community Add anything else you'd like us to know about you
  12. Hello & Welcome to Our Community! Before getting started with our forums & galleries, please read the following Community Guidelines. These rules were put together for your protection, to ensure the forums remain friendly and ensure a fun, supportive place for all. First, the purpose of this community… To Learn, Share & Inspire. We are here to help you learn your photography craft. Give back by sharing what you know. This in turn will help you inspire other photography artists. Second, these Guidelines are necessary due to the bad experiences we’ve had on other Social Media sites and other forums. When you log in to this community, it's like me inviting you into my home and I would expect a certain level of kindness (common sense). I wouldn’t have to ask 99% of you to read the following prior to entering my home. However, 1% of you will break these rules and I’d have to kick you out of my home - ban you from this community. So, just so we are on the same page… here are some additional things you should know about participating in our community… ONE… Everything I Learned I Learned in Kindergarten. These are the top 10 things I’ve learned. As a community, we need to do most of these to ensure a supportive place for all… Treat others as you would like to be treated & don’t be rude. Don’t take things that aren’t yours. All images are copyrighted by the posting photographer and we shall not download, steal, etc.. Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody Wash your hands before you eat. Flush. Warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk are good for you. Says my stomach. Learn from others. Share your own images. Inspire others. Take a nap every afternoon. Because it’s relaxing. When you go out into the social media world, watch out for trolls, hold hands and stick together. Live a balanced life—learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. TWO… I Have a Life Too. We have lives and are unable to review all messages. Therefore, forum posts, messages, images, etc.., are the express views of the original poster and not of the Administrator, Moderators or Parker Photographic. We are not responsible for any content. We’ll do our best to moderate any content that is objectionable either through random monitoring or via content brought to our attention. YOU AGREE that you will not post any content or upload photos that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, threatening, hateful or in violation of any laws. We reserve the right to immediately ban any violators. Also, Parker Photographic reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any content for any reason. If in doubt, contact us prior to posting. THREE… Warning. We log IP addresses of all posters. Anyone breaking laws will be recorded and sent to the authorities. Spammers - You are not welcome in our community. Do not actively solicit your services, products or anything else to our members. You’ll be banned and your IP address will be reported to your ISP. If your sole purpose is to spam and/or create backlinks for your site, your post will be removed and you’ll be banned from the site. FOUR… Private Messages. You agree that your use of the Private Message function may be monitored for violators of the terms of agreements outlined in this Community Guideline. If we see you spamming others, sending hate messages, or violating any other term, your messages will be deleted and you’ll be banned from our community. FIVE… Screen Names. Do not use your email address or web address. Also, do not use names that are racist, vulgar, offensive or are inappropriate in any way. Same goes for your avatars. Administrators have final say on what is considered inappropriate. SIX… What is O.K. and What is Not? Please do not cross post the same message in multiple categories. Please provide detailed, descriptive titles for your content. It’s o.k. to link to a competitors website if you’ve used their products and recommend them. It’s NOT o.k. to use affiliate links to promote competitor products. We will remove these types of links. It’s o.k. to link to your photography website… IN THE DESIGNATED FORUM. These links are “no-follow” links and will provide little to no SEO value. If this is your only purpose, don’t bother. This community is not designed as a place to promote your work, unsolicited. Only post a link to your site if the author has a specific need and requests information on a project… then it’s o.k. SEVEN… Common Sense Please & Thank You. Be polite. “Trolling” not allowed. Don’t engage with trolls. Report instead. Hate speech not allowed. Stay on topic. Don’t be rude. Use the Search Tool prior to posting your question. Provide as much detail as possible when asking a question. A screenshot is very helpful. Don’t attack others personally. No topics on politics, religion, etc.. We have zero tolerance for bad apples. Please report bad posts and we’ll remove if warranted. EIGHT… Can We Just Get Along? Let’s get along. Yes, we can! However, we don’t always have to agree. If not, explain why. Only critique an image if requested by the author. If requested, we’ll remove any unsolicited critiques. When requested by the original poster be polite with your critiques. We will not always agree with another critique and we should have a polite discussion on why you believe in your position. NINE… It’s Free. Participation in this community is free. However, we reserve the right to remove inactive members. If we don’t hear from you, we may delete your account and all images uploaded to it. Why? It’s expensive and time consuming to run a forum (but I’m happy to do this to give back to the community after 30 years as a pro photographer). As the community grows, the number of images will increase our costs substantially (bandwidth and storage of your images). Therefore, we reserve the right to remove inactive accounts (old accounts that are inactive for several months or more). Also, Parker Photographic reserves the right to limit the amount of content and/or images for free accounts. TEN… Size Does Matter. The larger your image, the more storage we need and the more bandwidth we use to display your images. Please note that we have file size limitations for images posted in forums and in your gallery. The file size limit is 1.5 MB per image. Free accounts have further restrictions on the number of images you can post per month. For best results, use a maximum height or width of 1800 pixels @ 72dpi. If your image exceeds 1.5 MB, then you’ll have to post a smaller sized image. ELEVEN… It’s Copyrighted. If you took the photo, then you own the copyright for that image. If you’re trying to download, screencast, or use some other method to take someone else’s image and use as your own… you are violating copyright laws and you’ll be reported to the appropriate authorities. Oh, and you’ll be instantly banned too. In fact, we reserve the right to call you ought as a thief within our community, our social media accounts and more to warn others not to engage with you. Do not, copy their image (from our site or theirs) and repost without permission. If you wish to post another artists work, you may place a link to that persons work. TWELVE… Is That All? Nope. We reserve the right to update this terms of use agreement between you and Parker Photographic as situations arise. Just use common sense and all will be well. This is my home. Treat me and my other guests like you would like to be treated and you’ll always be welcome. THIRTEEN… Now What? Please post a comment below confirming you agree with the terms outlined in this guide. Then, introduce yourself to the community here; https://parkerphotographic.com/community/forum/15-sayhello/ Thank you and welcome to the community! Oh, and in case you're wondering, we are not like Facebook. We do not claim ownership of any images you post. You'll always retain ownership and copyright on our forums. Plus, again unlike Facebook, we will not resell your email to anyone.
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    This is a gallery of images shot during my 15 years as a pro wedding photographer.
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