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Creating Your Own Gallery

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Depending on your membership (free or paid) you can add a certain amount of images to your own photo gallery. 


  1. To get started, click on "Gallery" in the menu above.
  2. Click on the "Add Images" (green) button.
  3. Choose 1 of the 3 options
  4. If creating a new Album, give it a name and description
  5. Choose the Ownership, Privacy and Album Features (bottom left)
  6. Click the "Create Album" button (bottom right)
  7. Set the copyright, credit, tags on "all" options.  And if you wish to be notified of comments.
  8. Drag and drop your images to "Add Images".  Or click the big icon to browse to the folder of images.
  9. Give your image a detailed, appropriate Title under "Caption".
  10. A description of your image is appreciated too.  The goal is to share your knowledge and skills with others.  Any info you can provide on how you took the photo will be greatly appreciated by other photographers.  Oh, and any location (or other) info to would be cool too.  Camera EXIF data will auto-populate if the information is in the file.  If not, please manually provide the info.
  11. Set some tags so your images can easily be found
  12. You can change the Credit and Copyright for images individually if needed.
  13. When done with the info on the image, click "Save details"
  14. Repeat for each image
  15. When done, click "Submit all images" button (bottom right)

If needed, you can edit an existing album by changing its name and/or adding or removing images as needed. To do so, navigate to your profile and click on the "Album" tab.  Click on the album name and then choose "Manage album" to edit.

***Before uploading your images make sure you size them properly.  Images are restricted to 1.5 MB in size or smaller. Anything larger will not upload and will give you an error.  Resize images to 1800 pixels wide or tall @ 72DPI and save for the web.  This size will generate images that are 1.5MB or smaller for most images.  If not, resize accordingly.

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