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*insert witty introduction here*

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Hello from the land down under


Not sure how well I will fit in here, my main business is boudoir, and I dont' see a category for it, but here goes.


Me:  middle aged with freckles, the rest is subject to change without notice.

I've lived in most states in Australia, and several other parts of the world.  Retired from military service nearly 20 years ago and restarted my photography hobby.  Got serious, studied a degree and founded a tiny studio.. still working on it 😆

I shoot Canon, because it suits my left handed brain better, I like warm soft images with grain (aaah, the days of film), and I haven't met a woman I didn't want to photograph, except myself.


Seek peace



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Hello Carol and welcome to the forum!  Your witty sense of humor will fit just right in here.  I've added a category for Boudoir photography.  Don't be shy.  Post some images and don't forget to show off your work in your gallery.



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