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Pro Tutorials

Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, GIMP + Illustrator

Lightroom 101

An in-depth, fun, fast, set of pro tutorials teaching you how to use Lightroom & edit like a pro.

Create a Lightroom workflow in 5 steps

A step-by-step guide for creating your own Lightroom workflow. Includes worksheets & checklists.

7 Presets to cut your workflow, by 50%

You will come away with 7 types of presets you can use to cut your post-production time by up to 50%.

Create cinematic effects in Photoshop

Learn how to transform your images to have a cinematic effect… all in Photoshop. 3 projects & images included.

Photography 101

Taking great photos is easy and fun when you know the 3 key secrets to taking awesome photos every time.

Photoshop 101

An in-depth, fun, fast, set of pro tutorials teaching you how to use Photoshop & edit like a pro.

Create 3 Light Effects in Photoshop

Learn How to Create 3 Popular Light Effects in Photoshop: the Golden Hour, Light Leaks + Sun Flare effects.

Portrait Beauty Retouch in Lightroom

Learn How to Edit & Retouch Your Beauty Portraits in Lightroom!  In this pro tutorial, you will learn how to…

Illustrator Made Easy Course

Learning the fundamentals of Illustrator is fun and easy with this pro tutorial.  Advanced projects included.

LR editing workflow for weddings

Learn How to Post-Process 500 Images Per Hour. Plus, you’ll learn my personal 3 step editing workflow.

GIMP, the Photoshop Alternative

Learn the Photoshop alternative for editing images & creating graphics. Oh, & GIMP is free!

Photoshop Fall edits

Easily change ordinary, boring, green foliage into beautiful, vibrant and colorful Fall colors.

Lightroom Fall edits

30 Lightroom presets that will allow you to transform ordinary, plain, boring, green foliage into Fall colors.


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Lightroom Workflow Made Easy E-Book