How To Create Grass Growing Out of Text in Photoshop

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Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. In this Photoshop text effects tutorial, you’ll learn how to grow grass out of your text! No water is required. Green results guaranteed.

Plus, I guarantee you’ll learn something new about brushes and paths. Are you ready to master this text effect? Let’s do it!

Table of Contents

Note: the (above) video tutorial was created with Photoshop beginners in mind. The following step-by-step instructions are for more experienced users.

Step 1: Create a New Document & Add Text

create new document

New to create new documents with Photoshop? No worries.

Go to File > New and type in the following; 1920 for the width and 1080 for the height. Set the resolution to 300ppi with the following hexadecimal number for the color; #dbcab5. Click OK.

Like all text effect designs, you’ll need some text! With your Text Tool (T), type out, in all caps, the word GRASS. I’m using a free Google font called Fugaz One with a font size of 125pt.

As far as the color, it doesn’t matter since we’ll add an image to it in the next step. Before we do that, let’s align our text to the center of our document.

Step 2: Insert Image + Retouch

retouch image

I’ve located an image of grass to use inside your text. Download this file, click and drag it over the Photoshop interface, and it’s as a new layer.

I want the photo to fill up the entire canvas. Luckily, the Free Transform Tool is auto-activated when adding pictures this way. Grab a corner or side and drag out. To resize from the center, hold down your Alt or Option key at the same time.

Remove the Leaf

This image has a leaf in the dead center and will mess with our desired result. Removing it is pretty straightforward. Here’s how;

Step 3: Insert Image Into Text + Brush Preparation


Now it’s time to place the grass inside of the text. Right-click on the picture layer and select “Create Clipping Mask.”

Select all the letters by holding down the Command or Ctrl key and then click on the Grass text layers thumbnail. Also, add a Layer Mask to the photo layer. Now, right-click on the grass image layer again and select “Release Clipping Mask.”

The Grass text layer is no longer needed. So, hide it by clicking on the icon to the left of the layer.

Step 4: Create a Custom Grass Brush

create custom brush

Ready to learn how to create a custom brush? Awesome! Let me show you how;

Blades of Grass

Now that you have one blade of grass, we’re going to create a few more. We’re also going to rotate and reposition the duplicates.

First, make sure to deselect the Work Path by hitting your Escape key. Duplicate your blade of grass with Command or Ctrl + J. Rotate the new layer with the Free Transform Tool; Command or Ctrl + T.

Right-click inside the blue outline (of the free transform tool) and select “Flip Horizontal.” Press Enter or Return to commit to the new position.

Duplicate this layer, rotate to the right, and stop when it’s at the top. Grab a corner, press Alt or Option, and resize from the center, so the whole blade fits inside the canvas.

One more time. Duplicate this layer, “Flip Vertical” (with free transform), resize smaller, and move to the bottom.

To convert this to a custom brush, go to; Edit > Define Brush Preset and give it a name. This document is no longer needed, and you can close it.

Step 5: Create a Path + Apply Custom Brush

Brush to Path

Before applying our Brush (B), resize it to around 80. Next, we need to set up the dynamics of the brush; Windows > Brush Settings.

Next, we need to select our letters again (see above in step 3). Now, do the following…

Boom! You now have grass growing out of your text!


Undo the last few steps and adjust your brush size smaller or larger. Then, reapply the steps. The final text effect will be different from your original brush size.

Now What?

Now that you know how to grow grass out of the text, it’s time to share it with the world.

Here’s how; join our private Facebook group to share your artwork. It’s a fantastic place to share, learn, and improve your Photoshop skills.

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