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It’s time for another spectacular text effects tutorial for Photoshop CC. This time, you’ll learn how to create text out of denim! Images and fonts included, for free.

It’s pretty easy once you know the steps. All of which can be found below with the step-by-step instructions. Or via the Youtube video above. Either way, are you ready to master a new text effect?

If so, let’s do it!

Table of Contents

Note: the (above) video tutorial was created with Photoshop beginners in mind. The following step-by-step instructions are for more experienced users.

Step 1: Create a New Document + Add Included Image

create new document

New Photoshop document; 1920×1080 at 300ppi.

Download this image. Find it on your computer and drag/drop over your Photoshop interface. Doing this opens the file as a new layer!

Next, we need to resize the texture larger. With the Free Transform Tool already activated, you can grab a corner and drag it out to make it larger. To make things easier, press Alt or Option at the same time. This will resize the layer from the center.

Download and add this image too. This one doesn’t need to be enlarged. For now, rename this layer to Denim and the other to Texture.

Step 2: Add Your Text + Align

add your text

Before adding your text, select the top layer (Denim) and then grab your Text Tool (T). The font family I’m using is Thirsty Script with a size of 100pt.

The color doesn’t matter since the denim layer will be placed inside. Go ahead and type out denim in all lower case. Align the text layer to the middle of your canvas with the Move Tool (V) and the alignment options in its tool options panel (above).

The two alignment options you need are; Align horizontal center + Align vertical center.

Step 3: Retouch the Denim Image

retouch denim image

To place the denim texture inside the text, first, move the text layer below it. Right-click on the Denim layer and choose “Create Clipping Mask.”

Next, I’d like to add a little depth to the texture by editing it a bit. Duplicate the layer with Command or Ctrl + J. Name this new layer Denim 2 and make sure the clipping mask has been applied to Denim 1.

Now, right-click on Denim 2 and “Rasterize Layer.” We’re going to use the Burn Tool (“O” or Shift + “O”) to darken parts of this layer.

Right-click on your canvas to reveal the brush options, select the soft round brush and size to around 175. Paint over a letter or two with a long brushstroke.

Do this again two or three more times, moving to the right randomly. Alternate the brush size for each new stroke to add some variety.

Step 4: Style Your Denim Text

add stroke

Click on your Denim text layer to select. This way, we can style this layer with a stroke. To add a stroke, double click on the layer to bring out the Layer Style panel. In the left panel, select Stroke and use the following settings;

drop shadow

Next, add a Drop Shadow with these settings;

Step 5: Add Stitching To the Text

add stitching

Now you get to learn how to add stitching to your text! The critical step is making a selection of each individual letter. This is easy to do… right-click on your text layers thumbnail and click on “Select Pixels.” Now, follow these steps;

To customize your stitching, click on the “More Options” button at the bottom of the Stroke Options pop-out panel.

Now What?

Ah, your Photoshop skills are improving by leaps and bounds! Now it’s time to take it to the next level by getting feedback on this text effect you designed.

Here’s how; join our private Facebook group to share your artwork. It’s a fantastic place to share, learn, and improve your Photoshop skills.

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