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Making your text drip in Photoshop is easy. Once you know the steps, that is. In today’s Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to make dripping text with one simple tool.

Before you create the dripping text effect, I’ll show you a couple of other cool tricks to get your content ready to be, well, dripped!

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Note: the (above) video tutorial was created with Photoshop beginners in mind. The following step-by-step instructions are for more experienced users.

Step 1: Create a New Document

create new document

As always, we need to create a new document to get started; Command or Ctrl + N.

For this project, I’m using the following dimensions; 1920 x 1080. For the resolution, let’s set it to 300ppi. Don’t forget to set the “Background Contents” to Custom and set the color to; #e5e1d6.

Step 2: Create a Canvas-Like Background

use the filter gallery to create the canvas

Wouldn’t it be cool to add a canvas-like texture in Photoshop? You can easily! All you need are the pre-made filters in the Filter Gallery.

Filter > Filter Gallery > Texture > Texturizer

Step 3: Add Text + Align

create text

Time to add our text. Grab your Text Tool (T). I’m using one of my favorite fonts for this project. In fact, it’s used throughout this site, including this Photoshop tutorial (see each heading).

This font is free too! It’s called Fugaz One, and you can download it from Google fonts. For the size, I will use 125pt, and the color doesn’t matter since we’re going to add a photo to it in the next step.

Type out “Drip.” Next is aligning the text. Which is super easy to do. Here’s how;

  1. Hit your escape key to de-activate the text tool.
  2. Grab your Move Tool (V).
  3. Hold down your Command or Ctrl key and click on the background layer.
  4. In the tool options, click on the two icons labeled as follows; Align horizontal centers + Align vertical centers.

Step 4: Insert Included Image + Merge With Text

merge the image with text

The last step is to merge the two layers; here’s how…Although I’ve included an image for this project, you can substitute it with your own. I recommend a picture with a lot of colors. The more, the merrier.

Once you’ve downloaded the image or found your own locate it on your hard drive. Click and drag the file over your Photoshop interface. Once you release it, it will be added as a new layer!

Make sure the image layer is above the other layers and right-click on it. Select “Create Clipping Mask” to clip it to your photo.

Next, you may wish to rearrange the image inside the text to access specific colors. For example, I like the sky’s colors and prefer to use those over other parts of the picture.

With the Free Transform Tool (Command or Ctrl + T), click inside the tool’s boundaries (blue outline) and reposition accordingly. To commit to the new position, hit Enter or Return.

  1. Hold down your Command or Ctrl key and click on the text layer.
  2. Right-click on either layer and choose “Rasterize Layer.”
  3. Right-click again (either selected layer) and select “Merge Layers.”

Step 5: Mix The Paint + Drip Effect

add liquify filter

The secret to mixing your colors for a painterly effect is using the Liquify filter; Filter > Liquify.

Once selected, you’ll have a new interface that provides all the Liquify tool’s tools and controls.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the new options. Fear not! The only thing we need to do is adjust the brush size as needed. Everything else can stay at the defaults. At least for this design project.

You can either adjust the brush size from the Slider in the right panel or use your keyboard shortcuts, the brack keys. The left bracket will make your brush small, and the right will make it larger.

Now, it’s time to mix your paint (colors) and make it drip! Start with a brush size that fits inside of your letters. Begin painting!

Swirl your brush. Move your mouse in all directions to paint. Hold the mouse button for continuous strokes or click and drag. Experiment to see the results you’ll achieve.

Now, drag downward to give the impression the paint is dripping! Click and pull down in broad strokes to extend the drip. Adjust the size of your brush to mix up the dripping Effect.

To create a teardrop:

  1. Use a smaller drip to fit inside the dripping mark.
  2. Push out in all directions to complete the oval teardrop.
  3. As it gets bigger, adjust your brush larger to speed up the process.

Finally, above the teardrop, push in to make the streak thinner.

Now what…

Now What?

Practice makes perfect. Which means it’s time to practice what you’ve learned in this Photoshop text effect tutorial!

As an added bonus, I’d like to see your final design! Share your image to show off your new skills and or get feedback; join our private Facebook group. It’s a great place to share, learn, and grow your Photoshop skills.

Looking for more Photoshop text tutorials? Check out this playlist that includes over 20 text effects you can master today!

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