is DxO the Holy Grail of Photo Editing Software?



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Hello. My name is Chris Parker…

…and I have a confession…

I’m a virgin… when using DxO photo editing apps.

I’ve yet to install any of them, and I haven’t watched any Youtube videos or read any information on how to use them.

I want to experience it for the first time like Madonna… I mean… I want to experience as you would when trying something new, and we’re talking about DxO products in particular.

Anyway, this way, I’ll be able to better assess whether or not I can recommend DxO and who would benefit most from their products.

And I plan on doing separate reviews with my first impressions for the; DxO PureRAW app, the Photolab, Viewpoint, the Film Pack, and the Nik Collection.

I’m also doing something else for the first time, and you should be aware of this as you watch the initial reviews of each DxO photo editing app, which is…

…I’m not going to edit the videos.

It will be like watching me live as I figure out how to use them for the very first time and my reactions to the results.



Also, although I’m an affiliate, I’m not sure if I can recommend DxO products yet since I’ve never used them.

Whether or not I’ll use DxO is yet to be determined. And won’t be until I use them for a few weeks or longer.

Either way, you might find the DxO products useful for your images and you won’t know until you try them yourself.

So, why did I become an affiliate without using them?

Well, I’m always looking for the Holy Grail in photo editing software.

And I believe it’s my job to inform my students and followers about my impressions of photo editing software and give an honest review whether or not I use the software.

And DxO offered to provide the software for free for me to test out.

I’m not getting paid unless you use the affiliate link.

If I can’t recommend dxo, I will withdraw from the affiliate program.



So, according to dxo, their products create “simply better images.”

But is it true?

Also, are the dxo photo editing apps easy to use?

Do they work as promised?

Will I use them for my photos, and will I recommend them?

Am I going to make a complete full out of myself by doing “live” reviews?

If you’re ready to discover if dxo products can help you achieve your creative vision… let’s do it… by checking out this DxO initial review.

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