Free GIMP Tutorial for Beginners​

This free GIMP crash course for beginners was created for, well, beginners! Everything you need to know to get started with GIMP.

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GIMP: the Photoshop Alternative!

Looking for a free alternative to Photoshop? Look no further. GIMP is all you need.

Popular among photographers and graphic designers. Oh, and learn how to use GIMP for free.

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Free GIMP Crash Course for Beginners​

How to install GIMP​

First, we’ll start off by learning how to install GIMP for your operating system: Linux, Windows or Mac.

Quick start guide for GIMP​

Next, you’ll learn the 3 things all GIMP beginners want to know:

How to work with files in GIMP​

Now that you’ve learned how to edit, retouch and more, let’s now learn how to work with files in GIMP.  What do you say?

This section will include…

Learn what GIMP layers are and how to use them​

GIMP layers are an essential tool all digital artists must master. Layers help make your creative vision come true.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about GIMP layers, like; the 4 types of GIMP layers, layer masks, layer attributes, layer boundaries and more.


One, GIMP is an awesome alternative to Photoshop!

Two, if you’re tired of paying a monthly fee for Photoshop you may want to consider GIMP.  GIMP is free!

What about features vs. Photoshop? Well, Photoshop will (probably) always have more features than GIMP. However, GIMP does have a lot of the same features as Photoshop. Most of which will be sufficient for most artists.

Here are just a few tools, in GIMP, that you also have in Photoshop:

This free GIMP course is perfect for those that are looking for an alternative to Photoshop.

Discover what you can do with GIMP, in this class, and you may never go back to Photoshop!


This free GIMP tutorial includes everything you need to know to get started with GIMP.  In fact, this class is designed for beginners.

Includes the same photos used in the class.  This way, you can apply what you learn as you follow along. 

Then, you’ll be able to transfer that knowledge for editing your own images!

Short answer; No.

This GIMP class was designed for beginners!

However, we do have some GIMP Pro tutorials that are for advanced users too.

All Pro tutorials are only available online.  We do not offer the ability to download tuts.

Our free tutorials focus on a single skill or technique.

Our Pro tutorials cover additional techniques, more detail, and depth about the subject. Plus, Pro subscribers receive premium support to questions and more.

Oh, and the Pro tutorials also include additional resources vs. free tutorials.

Instructions are provided for downloading the most recent version of GIMP. 

Plus, instructions for installing GIMP is included for 3 different operating systems; Linux, PC & Mac.

Yes! All resources are yours for life.

However, any images provided are for training purposes only and can not be used in your portfolio (or be re-sold).  All images are copyrighted by Parker Photographic.

I provide my 30 years of experience as a photographer to help you achieve your creative vision.

As a pro subscriber, not only do you get every pro class, but you also get me as your mentor. 

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You can join our private Facebook group to ask questions.  

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1+ Hours of pro content

Online Community

Private Facebook community

Lifetime access

Ongoing support

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No credit card required