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First things first, watch the video below for a tour of the site and how to use its features. Then follow the steps below the video….

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Set up your member profile

Your first step is to set up your member profile for use on the forum. You can go straight to the forum in order to do this by clicking here.

For a brief guide on how to set up your profile, click here.

Introduce yourself to the community
Go here to introduce yourself to us and the other members – tell us a little about who you are, your membership site plans or your existing membership site, where you’re located and anything else you’d like to share. No need to be nervous – we’re a friendly bunch and it just helps us get to know you better.

Choose where to start
Select where you are in your membership journey and we’ll show you step-by-step how to navigate that stage, including which Academy content to consume for each step.

Click here to choose your starting place on the Membership Roadmap.

Put the next live dates in your calendar
Whilst we record all the live training and mastermind sessions for you to watch any time, being there live gives you a chance to ask any burning questions that you might have and interact with us and other members directly. To see the next live session dates simply click here.