GIMP, the Photoshop Alternative

Learn how to use GIMP for either your photography post-production or for graphic design projects.  This is an awesome alternative to Photoshop… and GIMP is free!

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17 hours HD videos
Downloadable Resources
Covers both GIMP 2.8 and 2.19
Learn the basics of all tools and features
Work on advanced projects to enhance your GIMP skills

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Master GIMP, the Photoshop Alternative

The Pro Tutorials, included for GIMP, are divided into 2 sections:

  1. the Basics… A complete overview of all the tools in GIMP
  2. the Advanced GIMP projects… Learn by doing. Once you have the foundation from the first half of the course, you’ll continue learning how to use GIMP by working on advanced GIMP projects.

In the basics section, you’ll learn things like…

  • how to set up GIMP’s interface to look like Photoshop.  This will make the transition to/from Photoshop if you choose to, easier.
  • setup the interface for your personal preference.
  • what layers are and how to use them to fulfill your creative vision
  • how to use layer masks for even more creativity
  • blending modes and how to use them to take your artwork to a whole new level
  • how to use selection tools to help in retouching your images
  • how to use the paint tools and use them to add color, modify color, erase, clone + heal (for retouching) and much more
  • how to use the transform tools to align graphics, move, rotate, scale, shear and more
  • how to use the color tools to process and edit your photos like a pro
  • how to use the Paths tool for creating amazing artwork
  • how to make your own brushes & patterns
  • how to download brushes and patterns created by other artists and install them.
  • how to expand GIMP’s features by adding free plugins

In the advanced projects section, you’ll learn things like…

  • how to swap out plain boring skies with white, fluffy clouds
  • how to create basic shapes with GIMP 
  • learn my 3 step editing workflow for streamlining your post-production
  • learn how to edit your photos like a pro
  • how to use levels and curves for advanced editing, just like the pros
  • how to edit RAW files with GIMP
  • how to add text along a path
  • how to add text to an image
  • how to create text out of grass
  • how to create a reflection of your text
  • how to make a SuperHero fly out of a monitor
  • how to add smoke to your image
  • how to add a source of light to your image
  • how to separate a subject from the background (and save for the web)
  • how to install the free Nik Collection (awesome plugin for creatively editing your photos)
  • and much more…

If that wasn’t enough new projects are added every month!