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GIMP guide included.

GIMP Tutorials for Beginners

This GIMP class was created for beginners! Discover how to edit photos like a pro, re-touch (remove blemishes, people and more), learn all of the photo editing tools and more…

...master GIMP by doing!

9+ Projects
to help
you learn

Projects included to help you refine your new GIMP skills.  Once completed, you’ll have the confidence to apply your new skills to your own photos.

Plus, a GIMP Essentials Guide is included as a reference as you work through the tutorials.  Print it out and take notes as you go through the class.

The guide also includes a summary of the tutorial covered.  And a description for your project!  Perfect for using when off-line.

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Ian Rutter​

“This is a humongous course. Be prepared to put the time in and more time.

The tutor is great with a great steady voice. Not boring and not too fast. He really knows his stuff. You only have to look at his other courses and the number of students. A testimony to his teaching ability.

Why I chose this course is I am on an Indie Game Journey. I’m using Blender 3D and Unity and I felt like I needed an image editing program. GIMP is it.

I fully recommend this course if you want to use a serious piece of software, which is in every way an excellent alternative to PS, especially if you don’t want to pay Adobes monthly fees.

I love GIMP, and like everything needs time to learn. Don’t think about this course, just do it. It’s that good.”

How to install GIMP

First, we’ll start off by learning how to install GIMP for your operating system: Linux, Windows or Mac.

Quick start guide for GIMP

The next video tutorials include 3 things all GIMP users want to know:

  • How to make your photos “POP”
  • How to retouch your pictures in GIMP
  • How to save/export photos for social media

How to work with files in GIMP

Now that you’ve learned how to edit, retouch and more, let’s now learn how to work with files in GIMP.  

What do you say?

This section has a video on each the following…

  • how to create a new document
  • how to configure the GIMP interface
  • how to open files in GIMP
  • how to navigate around your photos
  • how to save your GIMP files for web and print

Learn what GIMP layers are and how to use them

GIMP layers are an essential tool all digital artists must master. Layers help make your creative vision come true.

Discover everything you need to know about GIMP layers, like; the 4 types of GIMP layers, layer masks, layer attributes, layer boundaries and more… all in 1 comprehensive video.

Learn what “Adjustment” layers are and how to add them in GIMP

If you have a Photoshop background you may be used to using Adjustment layers. They’re a powerful tool for non-destructive edits.

Unfortunately, they are not a tool available in GIMP. Fear not!

I’ve developed a workaround for using a non-destructive edit technique (that provides the same power as Adjustment layers).

Find out how by doing actual post-processing projects to master this technique!

How color affects your ability to edit in GIMP and much more

Understanding AND seeing color is essential in achieving your creative vision.

Learn how to see the color of light, how and why you should capture it in-camera, how to manage color for more accurate edits, how to calibrate your monitor and much more.

How to use GIMP’s color options for editing your photos

Over 30 lectures covering all of GIMP’s color options for basic and creative edits!

Not only will you learn about each tool, in detail, I’ll provide pro tips as well.

Plus, get the photos used in the video tutorials to practice what you learn!

How to utilize the paint tools in GIMP to retouch your photos, like a pro

We’ll cover the core retouching tools in GIMP for removing blemishes, large objects like boats and people, how to apply the blur and sharpen tool, and how to apply the dodge and burn brushes for custom edits.

Once you’re done with this section you’ll know how to precisely retouch and edit your images in GIMP.

How to apply Blending Modes for a creative look

There are 7 types of blending modes that will provide you with a variety of creative options.

Each type has numerous modes available to help you achieve your creative vision.

Discover the distinct differences between each of the 7 types of blending modes and how they affect your images.

Detailed information is provided so you know what to expect when applying and when to apply (based on your creative vision).

How to apply GIMP’s transform option for additional editing improvements

In this section, explore how to crop, rotate, and warp your images… and much more!

Cropping and rotating are two essential edits all photographers should know how to do.

Plus, discover how to quickly and easily straighten your photos, and how to properly crop as well.

How to work with the selection options in GIMP for more advanced types of editing

There are a ton of options for making selections.  Find out how to work with all of them… in detail.

In fact, once you’re done with the included projects you’ll be a master of the section tools in GIMP.

How to apply the paths tool for making selections

The paths tool is an old and trusted tool for making selections.

Learn how to apply for making selections and more.

How to employ the text tool for, well, adding text to your images in GIMP

First, we’ll explore the basics of text.

Then, I’ll share some pro tips for maximizing the application of GIMP’s text tool.

This section is perfect for photographers that want to create a flyer, composite and more.

7 Day Money Back Gaurantee!

Hassle free, no worry, money back guarantee!  If within 7-days after purchase you’re not happy with this GIMP class contact us for a full refund!



Includes 30 pre-made, custom Lightroom presets designed for fall photos.

Plus, a Quick Start Guide, Lightroom Preset Guide, and ongoing support. 

A monthly or yearly Pro subscription includes full access to ALL Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, Lightroom + Photoshop templates, Pro tutorials and more!

Short answer; No.

Our Lightroom fall presets are easy to install and use. 

In fact, the Quick Start Guide will have them installed and ready to use in less than 60 seconds!

Supporting material is also included to help you get the most out of the Fall Lightroom presets.

Yes!  This is one of many Lightroom preset collections available to subscribers.  

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The Lightroom fall presets you download are yours to keep… forever!

Make sure to make a back-up of your a la carte purchase.  There may be an additional fee to re-download.

No worries if you’re a Pro subscriber.  If your files become damaged or you need to transfer to a new hard drive you can re-download.  However, please keep in mind that sharing is illegal!

You may install our Lightroom fall presets on up to 2 computers. 

Anything more will require an additional purchase.  Sharing is not allowed!

We recommend Lightroom Classic for these Lightroom fall presets.

Lightroom has recently changed the format of Lightroom presets and they may (or may not) work with Lightroom 5 and 6.

If you sign up as a Pro member you’ll have access as long as you’re a subscriber.

You can join our private Facebook group to ask questions.  

Plus, you’ll have access to our online community where you can ask questions and network with like-minded artists.

Premium Tutorials

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