7 GIMP Web Design Projects

17 Hour Web Design Master Course…

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Web Design Pro Tips

You’ll learn the secrets to organizing your layers, tips for up-selling your clients, how to stand out from the crowd, and much more.

Plus, you’ll learn how to create awesome designs that will help your clients grow their business.

Which means your design career will grow too! All explained inside.

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7 Web Design Projects

Learn how to use GIMP, to create your web designs. Learn by doing!

7 Web Design projects to help you master GIMP and UX web design.

By the time you’re done with all 7 projects, you’ll be well on your way to having your own creative designs for your portfolio!

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GIMP Crash Course

New to GIMP?  No worries.  A GIMP crash course, for web designers, included!

You’ll learn the essential tools all web designers should know.

Like; what layers are and how to use them, how to use the alignment tool, how to use the type tool, and much more.


review fm

I’m just going through the second project and can’t wait to give my opinion about the Course.

Chris Parker is a conscientious, detailed, organized and meticulous instructor who takes you by the hand in the construction of the different web environments.

Infinity of useful tips and practical step by step that make you feel that in a short time one is able to tackle any Web Design project.

In spite of being a video conference one has the feeling that Chris is right by your side to show you all his wisdom and experience. I give him Five Stars.



I am really enjoying the entire Web Design experience since the Instructor tackles every aspect of the Web Design and shows how critical thinking is involved as well.

Chris is indeed a talented instructor!

Shaikh Muhammad

review tc

“So far this course exceeds my expectations.

It is easy to follow and the content provides valuable learning examples.”

Ted Coulton

Preview the 7 Design Projects

7 Web Design Projects... Only $10

  • You’ll learn add-on services you can up-sell your UX web design clients

  • You’ll learn how creating great UX web designs, that help your clients grow their business will also help you grow your UX design business (and likely will end up with more work than you can handle)

  • You’ll learn how to stand-out among 10’s of thousands of other UX web designers

  • You’ll learn how to remove subjects from a background (non-destructively… just like the pros)

  • You’ll learn how to create UX web designs, in GIMP, that provide a great user experience

  • and more!

Download Project Resources

    • This in-depth web design project utilizes GIMP 2.10.8, on a PC.  However, Mac and Linux users can follow along too!

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