Graphic Design Pro Tutorials

82 Pro Tutorials | 6 Hours | Unlimited Streaming

Everything you need to know how to use Illustrator. Including layers, image trace, vectors, the pen tool, typography and much more.

Perfect for beginners!

Illustrator Made Easy Course

Learning the fundamentals of Illustrator is fun and easy with this pro tutorial.  Advanced projects included.

7 Photoshop Wed Design Projects

Learn how to create web designs, in Photoshop, by doing actual real-world projects.

27 Photoshop Design Projects

Learn design for freelancers and graphic designers. Design flyers, logos, brochures and more.

47 Photoshop Design Projects

Graphic designers rejoice!  Learn graphic design & build your design portfolio at the same time.

27 GIMP Design Projects

Learn how to use GIMP to create flyers, logos, brochures and more.  For freelancers and graphic designers.

7 GIMP Web Design Projects

Build your web design portfolio by doing actual real-world projects.  Plus, learn how to use GIMP like a pro.

37 GIMP Design Projects

Ready to build your graphic design career?  If so, you’ll learn GIMP and build your portfolio at the same time.

Free – GIMP Crash Course

New to GIMP?  This is the place to start.  Oh, and it’s free… just like GIMP.  Learn how to retouch, re-size photos & more.