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Learn how to center your text in GIMP. Oh, and I’ll show you how to align your text to the center of your canvas too.

locate text tool in toolbar

Locate the text tool via the toolbar.

justify via the tool options

Locate the text tool via the toolbar.

How To Center Text in GIMP

  1. Grab the text tool in GIMP’s toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut; “T.”
  2. Click on the canvas and drag out a dynamic text box.
  3. Type out your content.
  4. Find the “Justify” option in the tool options.
  5. Select the icon labeled center.

This is an image of my dynamic text box.

Type out your content as I did.

Justify with the center option.

How To Align Text In the Center Of Your Canvas

Aligning your text to be located in your canvas center is a little bit more involved vs. centering text within the text box.

The first thing I recommend doing is collapsing the layer boundary to the edges of your text. Go to; Layer > Crop to Content.

adjust the layer boundary

Next, locate the Alignment Tool in the toolbar. It looks like two buildings on its side with a vertical line to the left. Or grab it by hitting the letter “Q” on your keyboard.

To align a text layer to the center, you first need to tell GIMP which layer needs an alignment. Click anywhere on the inside of the layer boundary to activate the text layer.

Once activated, you’ll see a small white square in each corner. Now that it’s activated navigate to the tool options.

align tool for centering

Inside, locate the two icons with the following labels; “Align center of target” + “Align middle of target.”

Boom! Your text box is in the center of your GIMP document.

your text is now centered

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