{Solved} How To Rotate Text In GIMP

When creating text effects in GIMP, you have to know all the tools inside and out to create various effects. I have you covered on that with 20+ text effects you can make in GIMP.

For this tutorial, we’re working on a basic text effect… rotating text. Rotating text isn’t that hard if you know the right tool for the job… Rotate Tool. But how do you rotate a word AND a letter simultaneously? Well, that’s why you’re here… isn’t it?

If you were captivated by the featured image above and wondered how I did that, you’re in the right spot. 

Table of Contents

This GIMP tutorial will show you exactly how to achieve rotating text and a letter or two!

If you’re ready, let’s do it!

Step 1: Create a New Document + Add Your Text

For this text effect project (like all the others), I’m using the following dimensions; 1920 x 1080 @ 300DPI.

For the font, I’m using one from Google Fonts called Montserrat Bold. If you’re not sure how to install fonts into GIMP, check this out. Oh, and for the color, I’ll leave that up to you, and for the size, I’m using 400. For the background, I’m adding a two-color Linear Gradient.

With your Text Tool (T), type out the word “Rotate.” I’d also like to align the text in the middle of the canvas. Check out this article to learn how to align text to the center.

Step 2: How To Rotate the Text Layer With GIMP

Before we rotate our word, let’s first increase the Layer Boundary, Layer > Layer To Image Size. This will give us the freedom to rotate the text without it being confined to the boundary.

For rotating the word, let’s grab the Rotate Tool either from the toolbar or with Shift + “R.” If you’re selecting the tool from the toolbar, you’ll have to click on the text to activate the tool.

Now that the tool is active adjust the Angle slider in the Rotate window (top right). Or click on your canvas and move your mouse up or down to rotate.

Once you’re happy with the angle, hit Enter or Return.

Step 3: How To Rotate a Single Letter!

Now the fun begins… rotating an individual letter! The process involves selecting a letter, pasting it into a new layer, and rotating. Let’s do it…

How cool is that? I love it! Hope you enjoyed this GIMP text effect tutorial. One more thing left before you go. Check out what’s next…

What's Next?

Now that you know how to rotate text in GIMP how about learning how to rotate an image?

What would you like to learn after that? Let me know in the comments below. Also, check out more tutorials on using GIMP and my Youtube channel.

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