Illustrator CC 2018…
THE Illustrator Master Class

In this Illustrator pro tutorials, you will learn everything you need to know about using Illustrator and all the tools available.

Plus, I’ll show you the same time-saving techniques I use for a fast and productive workflow.

What will you learn? Here is a list of just some of the pro tutorials on mastering Illustrator CC…

  • The Illustrator Pen tool
  • Be More Productive in Illustrator
  • Color Management
  • Illustrator Image + Masks
  • Illustrator Anchors + Paths
  • Creating Vector Shapes in Illustrator
  • Effects + Appearance Panel in Illustrator
  • Typography in Illustrator
  • Image Trace in Illustrator <– I love this one!
  • and much more…

Once you’ve completed these comprehensive pro tutorials, on Adobe Illustrator CC, you’ll be comfortable with the tools, how to apply them, and have the skill set for a fast and productive workflow.