in photography 4 is larger than 8!


In photography, four is larger than eight. How is this possible? It goes against everything we've learned.

To discover why this is true, we must first establish what the f and the forward slash represent, which will ultimately explain how four is bigger than eight.

In photography, our Apertures are represented by numbers, and these numbers are known as F-numbers.

So, what does the “F” represent? The F is short for Focal Length. Or the Focal Length of a lens.

So this lens has a focal length of fifty and is known as a 50mm lens.

If you pair that up with an Aperture of F four, the F-number now looks like this.

What is that starting to look like? If you said math, you are correct.

No worries, though. You don't need to be good at math to create amazing images.

But this does explain how four is larger than eight in photography. Ok, I've already done the math for you and fifty divided by four is twelve point five, and fifty divided by eight is 6.25.

Therefore, f four is larger than f eight. Why is this important?

In addition to controlling how much light passes through the lens, the Aperture also has some creative powers that can help you achieve your creative vision.

To discover those creative powers, check out this video tutorial next.
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