is THIS an Aperture in Photography?


This is an aperture in photography. Well, actually, it’s a donut, but it has similarities to your lens.

A donut has a hole. Inside your lens, you have a hole too.

So, an Aperture in photography is nothing more than a hole.

The purpose of the hole is to allow light to funnel through to your camera’s sensor.

And it works like your, well, not a donut, but your eyes.

When you walk into a dark room, the pupil in your eyes gets larger to allow more light in… to make it easier to see.

And we’ve all experienced going from inside to outside on a bright sunny day, and being blinded by the light.

After a few seconds, your eyes adjust to the light by making the pupil smaller.

When it comes to lenses, unlike this donut, you can increase or decrease the size of the hole.

I guess we could make the hole bigger by eating the donut… but we can’t make it smaller again. Anyway…

The larger your Aperture, the more light you can paint with to create your image.

As you increase or decrease the size of your Aperture, there are numbers that we use in photography that correspond with that size.

For example, two-point eight, four, eight, and eleven, to name a few.

These numbers are usually referenced with the letter f and a forward slash.

And this explains why, in photography, four is larger than eight.

Check out this video to discover how that’s possible.
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