Left-handed photographers… this is a GAME CHANGER for Lightroom Classic 2023!



If you’re left-handed, this HIDDEN Lightroom Classic feature is a GAME CHANGER for you.

I’m right-handed, and somebody at Adobe must be right-handed too, and it never occurred to me that the editing panel being on the right side might be cumbersome for left-handed photographers.

In Photoshop, you have the control to move the panels to the left or right side. But, in Lightroom Classic, you can’t. Or can you?

Yes, yes, you can. Here’s how.

If you’re using a Mac, locate the preference settings under the Apple logo, and Windows users will find these settings under the Edit menu.

Next, click the Interface tab and turn on Swap left and right panel groups. To complete the setup, restart Lightroom, and boom, your editing panel is now on the left side. How cool is that? I love it!

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