Welcome to Lightroom Quick Tip #6  

In this Lightroom quick tip tutorial, you’ll learn more about the Tone Curve.  In the last episode, you learned the basics.

Today, you’ll learn how to remove a color cast with the Tone Curve.  Ready?  Let’s do it…

How to remove a color cast with the Tone Curve…

With the Tone Curve, you can easily remove (or add for a creative effect) color casts by making adjustments in one of the RGB channels.  Or if the lighting in your photo is mixed, you can (possibly) remove the color casts with 2 or more RGB channels.

First, you have to determine the color of your color cast.  Sometimes it’s easy to recognize.  Sometimes it’s not.

If not, then you may be better off using a different tool for removing the color cast, like the WB Eye Dropper tool vs. the “curves.”

Let’s say your image has a noticeable yellow color cast.  Here’s how you would remove it with the Tone Curve

  1. Under the Tone Curve grid, you’ll see the following… “Channel,” and next to it, “RGB.”  Click on “RGB” and select “Blue.”
  2. Grab the linear line (in the middle to evenly adjust highlights and shadows) and drag it up to remove the yellow color cast.  Dragging down will add more yellow.

That’s just a basic edit and assumes the color cast is even among both the highlights and shadows.  You could remove only the yellow in the highlights or shadows.  To do this, you’ll need to add anchor points along the linear line for more precision.

Watch the video tutorial (above) for more info and to see this color cast removal in action.