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Lightroom Quick Tip #7

In this Lightroom quick tip tutorial, you’ll learn all about the HSL panel, the differences between the different options, and more.

What is HSL?

HSL consists of 3 different tools to help you adjust the colors in your image. Here is what HSL stands for…

H = Hue

Hue allows you to change the colors

S = Saturation

Saturation allows you to increase or decrease the Saturation

L = Luminance

Luminance allows you to increase or decrease the brightness of colors.

In essence…

…HSL gives you the precision and control to custom edit the colors in your image. This is possible with the 8 different color channels to choose from.

Once you expand the HSL panel, you’ll notice 3 options;

HSL / Color / B&W

HSL & Color are the exact same tools, they’re just displayed differently.

You’ll get the same results with either option.

It’s just a personal preference on which one you prefer to use.

B&W is my recommended method for converting your images to B&W.


Because with this option, you have more control over your custom B&W edits.

Just like with HSL & Color, you have 8 color channels for editing your B&W.

Much more control vs. reducing Saturation (in the basics panel) to zero.

Make sure to watch the 2-minute video tutorial (above) for more info.

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