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Lightroom Quick Tip #8

We’re back with another quick Lightroom tip all about the HSL panel, again.


Well, there’s a little tool (semi-hidden) in the HSL panel that will help you precisely target colors in your image… vs. “eye-balling” it with just the sliders.

Intrigued? Good.

Let me show you this impressive little feature of HSL…

the Target Adjustment Tool

Take a closer look at your HSL panel, and you’ll notice a tiny circle to the far left of each section name.

Hover your mouse over it, and the icon changes.

Holy, moly Batman!

We have a new tool to help us achieve our creative vision, faster…

…to use it… click on the circle next to one of the HSL options…

For this exercise, let’s change some colors.

  1. Activate the Target Tool icon next to Hue.
  2. Then, move your cursor over the color(s) you want to change.
  3. Click & move your cursor up to move the color sliders to the right
  4. Click & move your cursor down to move the color sliders to the left


How cool is that!

Photoshop not required…

The next time you want to change a color, consider the Target Tool from the HSL panel.

Did you watch the video tutorial above? Why not?

It has some more tips for fine-tuning your edits, for portraits.

Like, how to reduce over-saturated skin tones.

Check it out. It’s only 2 minutes.

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