Welcome to Lightroom Quick Tip #8  

We’re back with another quick Lightroom tip all about the HSL panel, again.


Well, there’s a little tool (semi-hidden) in the HSL panel that will help you precisely target colors in your image… vs. “eye-balling” it with just the sliders.

Intrigued?  Good. 

Let me show you this impressive little feature of HSL…

the Target Adjustment Tool

Take a closer look at your HSL panel, and you’ll notice a tiny circle to the far left of each section name.

Hover your mouse over it, and the icon changes.  Holy, moly Batman!  We have a new tool to help us achieve our creative vision, faster…

…to use it… click on the circle next to one of the HSL options…

  • If you click on the one next to Hue, you will change the colors you target.
  • Choose the icon next to Saturation will, well, adjust the Saturation.
  • Then, the icon next to Luminance will increase or decrease the brightness of colors targeted.
  • But, you already knew this from our previous quick tip. 🙂

For this exercise, let’s change some colors.

  1. Activate the Target Tool icon next to Hue.
  2. Then, move your cursor over the color(s) you want to change.
  3. Click & move your cursor up to move the color sliders to the right
  4. Click & move your cursor down to move the color sliders to the left

How cool is that!  Photoshop not required…

The next time you want to change a color, consider the Target Tool from the HSL panel.

Did you watch the video tutorial above?  Why not?  It has some more tips for fine-tuning your edits, for portraits. 

Like, how to reduce over-saturated skin tones. 

Check it out.  It’s only 2 minutes.  🙂