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New to Lightroom or just not sure where to start? Everything you need to know to get up and running, quickly… and much more…

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Our Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners is an in-depth, fun, fast (at your own pace), set of bite-size tutorials that will show you how to quickly get started with Lightroom.

On average, each tutorial is 4-7 minutes long. This allows you to learn at your own pace and master what you learn before moving on. This is the first step in your Lightroom learning plath. The second step is creating your Data Management Workflow, wich is located here (coming soon) – and it’s free too!

This is not a hands-off learning experience either. If at anytime your stuck and have a question, you can get your answer either through our private Facebook community (with 2,023+ other photographers) or through my private email.


Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 1

5 Secrets to…

a stress free-Lightroom experience. You must do these 5 secrets BEFORE opening Lightroom. Or there could be dire consequences.
Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 2

Discover the…

layout of Lightroom’s interface. An important step in learning wher everything is.
Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 3

What Lightroom is and…

isn’t. Knowing this goes a long way in better understanding the Lightroom Catalog.
Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 4

Where to store your…

Lightroom Catalog. Although there is a default option, I recommend placing in a different location. Find out where.

Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 5

Importing for Speed

Learn exactly what options you need to select for a fast and productive workflow!

Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 6

Secret sauce for SEO bliss

Learn how my images are found on the first page of Google! I’ll show you exactly what you need to do for your images to be found too.

Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 7

Pro tips for editing

Learn some of my techniques I’ve used for editing millions of photos. Plus, my personal editing workflow is included too – with a description of the whole process.

Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 8

Export to Facebook directly from…

Lightroom! Yes, you’ll learn how to export your photos, directly to your Facebook timeline, all within Lightroom.

Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 9

How to Get your photos out of Lightroom

Tips and techniques for quickly and easily exporting your photos.

“Lightroom just isn’t user friendly”

I was asking some photographers recently about their
thoughts on Lightroom, and it didn’t sound good.

Check out some of the comments I received:

“There are absolutely no instructions that come with Lightroom. You will be staring at your computer screen wondering what to do next. Therefore, you will need to purchase a separate manual that tells you what you must know in order just to understand what to do! Without a manual you are completely dead in the water.”

“Lightroom is not as intuitive as one would hope.”

“The website made Lightroom look soooooo easy to use… [but] apparently, I don’t have enough Doctoral, Masters’ and Bachelor’s degrees to use this product. And I am pretty gadget and computer savvy!”

“Lightroom is a little difficult to operate at first… the EASE of use with this program is not the greatest!”

“Very intimidating at first, especially not being very familiar with some of the terms.”

“I was hoping it would be more intuitive than it is, but it appears that I will need some training to get true value from the software…”

“Lightroom is not an intuitive product. I often question whether it is worth the time.”

“Lightroom requires a degree, in their software, in order to get anything substantial accomplished.”

Does that sum up your thoughts of Lightroom too?

Well, it doesnt have to be that way…

Some Rave Reviews From Current Students

15,850 students have watched and loved my tutorials. Here are just a few of the happy students who’ve graduated from this Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners – Crash Course…

Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 10

“As a Lightroom newbie, all the options and features can be quite overwhelming. After taking this free course, I feel better equipped to start using this program. The instructor is knowledgeable, engaging, and easy to follow.”

Paul Strikwerda

“You are very passionate about your teaching and it is most appreciated. I am retired and have three DJI Phantom drones, and very interested in learning as much as possible concerning editing and photography techniques. I rate you high and you earn it. Thanks..

Winslow White

“This is an excellent course for beginners who like to get an overview of Lightroom. Following all the lessons in one run, I was left quickly with a working understanding of the basic concepts, and I can actually do already much more than what Picasa allowed me to do.

Chris Parker shares not only his knowledge of this software freely but gives also valuable suggestions from his background as a professional photographer about best practices in regard how to organize the workflow. Certainly a pain and time saver!”

René Tschannen

“This course is very in depth with information that is critical for users to know. I like that it goes through and shows you everything you need to know, but also addresses that if you want a deeper dive into things that there are other courses that you can go to for that specific topic.

It is set at a great pace and allows to users to follow along without any issues. Everything is explained very well and easy to understand. Outstanding job creating this course.

Richard Kennedy

Get started quickly with my Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners – Crash Course

Editing your photos in Lightroom is the main reason most photographers begin using it. However, when you first open Lightroom, you may be overwhelmed by all of the features and tools available to you.

We all just want to dive in and start editing our photos. I get it.

That’s exactly all I wanted to do too when I first downloaded Lightroom back in 2007.

And I didn’t realize until months later that Lightroom is much more powerful than “just an editing” program. It’s a powerful “Workflow” solution. Which was important to my studio. Especially when you have to edit thousands of photos every week, a “system” is key to your sanity – and mine.

I made many mistakes back then. It wasn’t until I had a solid foundation on how to use Lightroom that I was able to start editing my photos like those to the right (and below)…. and doing so consistently, with a fast, productive workflow.

This Lightroom crash course, will give you the foundation you need before you start editing your photos. Sure, you could do so without the knowledge of this course.

However, you’ll probably end up making the same mistakes I did and you’ll end up wasting your valuable time trying to fix them.

It all depends on how you wish to spend your time. Follow the videos in this 1.5-hour course or spend weeks/months trying to figure it all out on your own. Then, much more wasted hours/days, trying to fix mistakes you could have avoided from the beginning.

Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 11
Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners - the Crash Course 12
Lightroom editing

Lightroom gives you creative control to edit your way.

retouch directly in lightroom

Custom edits (dodging/burning) directly in Lightroom.

retouch directly in lightroom

Details can be brought back in the Shadows and Highlights, for most photos.

Lightroom editing

My quick tips will allow you to edit faster, in Lightroom, then ever before.

lightroom for portraits

Create your own style – This is my Vintage style

retouch directly in lightroom

Did you know you can remove objects in Lightroom? It’s true. In this photo, I removed the sidewalk.

Some FAQs About the Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners – Crash Course…

Does it work with my version of Lightroom?

This course covers material that is useful for any version of Lightroom. Keep in mind, the course is recorded while using Lightroom CC. So, the interface and tools may not be exactly the same as yours.

”I’m a beginner, will the course work for me?

Yes! This course was designed specifically for beginners.

I’m a pro. Will I still get something out of it?

Probably not. This course is geared to new users of Lightroom and covers only the basics.

Why is it better than the manuals or YouTube tutorials I’ve tried?

The thing is, a lot of people — even some of the ‘successful’ people in this field who are selling very expensive tutorials — use techniques that are inefficient, imperfect, or just plain wrong!

To someone like me, who’s spent almost a decade using Lightroom and knows it from end to end, it frustrates me to see people getting bad advice.

So even if you’ve experienced “bad” tutorials on Youtube or someplace else, you’ll get something out of my tutorials.

And unlike manuals or YouTube tutorials, you get personal access to me — to ask anything that you might get stuck on. Not bad at this price. Wouldn’t you agree?

How long will it take to complete the course?

This course covers the basics and it’s only 2 hours long.

What if the content is above my level?

Don’t worry — I’ve gone to great lengths to make the explanations simple and easy to understand. If you can snap a photo, and turn on a computer, you’ll be able to follow along.

But even if you don’t, you’ll get access to the Facebook community to ask questions — or even ask me directly via my email – or message me on Facebook.

What if I don’t like the course?

If you truly don’t like the course — even just one bit — you can take advantage of my rock-solid 30-day guarantee and return it for 100% of your money back.

But I don’t think it’ll get to that — because with what I’ve prepared for you in this course, I know you’re going to LOVE it.