the Lightroom "Pelee" Presets

Includes 19 presets designed for late afternoon to pre-sunset.  Ideal for outdoor locations with foliage. Perfect for any type of photography; fashion, portraits, weddings and much more. 

All presets are non-destructive and can be tweaked for your personal style.


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"Pelee" collection

The Pelee collection was inspired by a recent photoshoot with my daughter at Point Pelee {Canada}.  

Our photoshoot started 3 hours prior to sunset.  Due to the light not having that warm glow {from sunset} I set out to create a collection of presets to harness the color of light during the golden hour.


Portraits + Landscapes

Although these photos were initially designed for portraits they can also be used for fashion, weddings, or even landscapes.

All that is required are some foliage and shooting in the late afternoon.

19 Premium Pelee Presets

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  • 19 Premium Pelee Presets
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