Photography beginners should do this first!


Before spending a lot of money on photography gear, beginners should do this one thing first.


What is it?

Well, First, let me show you an image from my past to demonstrate the point I want to make.

Here’s a photo of our son I created in two thousand and two.

This image was captured with a Nikon D one hundred, which has a resolution of six Megapixels.

That’s teeny tiny compared to my Nikon Z eight, which has forty-five megapixels.

And the native file size of the “D one hundred” is around six and a half by ten inches.

Perfect for eight-by-ten prints.

So, I’m going to enlarge this to sixteen by twenty-four inches.

And let’s also zoom in to one hundred percent,

and I always review my images at this percentage because anything more isn’t realistic since no one looks at a photographic print inches from their face.

I know it’s hard to see in the video, but no digital artifacts are visible at this level, which means they will not be visible in print enlargements up to a certain point.

But, I could easily get a sixteen by twenty-four print without issues.

Which I did as you can see by the print enlargement behind me, and I also cropped in tighter to get a horizontal format which means I reduced the file size even smaller before printing.

To achieve this without losing quality, I used AI technology built into Topaz Photo AI, and you can enlarge from two x to six x.

So, at four x, I can get a print of around thirty by forty inches.

So you don’t need expensive gear to create large prints.

But before you can start creating amazing images that will impress family and friends, you must first learn and master the fundamentals of photography,

like; understanding and using ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, meter modes, and much more.

Watch my free four-hour photography course for beginners to master the fundamentals.

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