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Photography Made Easy… Start Creating Better Photos

Are you ready to start creating better photos? Ready to take back creative control from your camera? All of that and more included with this Photography Masterclass.

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Photography Masterclass

You’ll learn how to ditch auto and shoot in manual mode. Which will give you full creative control to help you achieve your creative vision. Don’t let the camera decide for you! Take back creative control.

You’ll learn the most important element in photography (hint: light) and how to master it. This is THE most important part of photography. It will shape any type of photo you’re interested in capturing.

Plus, you’ll learn more about your camera equipment, how to creatively compose photos for that wow factor, and much more.
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photography 101
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Creating great photos is easy and fun when you know the 3 key secrets for creating awesome photos every time.

Essential Camera Skills

Knowing the essentials is key to taking creative control vs. letting the camera do it for you (in auto mode). Once you complete this section you’ll be able to shoot in manual mode… which will give you full creative control.

Get to know your camera… 

Get to know your photography lenses… 

Master your camera settings to ditch auto & shoot manually…
 Let There be Light

The most important key to any photo is, well, Light. Without it, you’d be unable to capture your scene/subject. Once you’ve completed this section you’ll know the 3 behaviors of light, the 4 characteristics of light, the color of light, and much more. All of which will help you set the mood and tell a story with your artwork.

Master & understand light…
Composition Artistry

We’ve defined 10 different composition styles to make the process of learning to “compose” much easier. You’ll also learn 3 more classic techniques for creating better photos. Plus, dozens of photo examples, tips, and pro techniques provided throughout this section.


Photography Masterclass

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