a NEW Photographic Community to share... learn... and grow!

My new photographic community is a friendly and photography-focused community that provides a better platform for learning photography.

All genres of photographers can elevate their photographic skills in a more productive, useful, and time-efficient way than you’ll find on Facebook or other online communities.

What's Included?

Photo Share: a place to share your images, learn from others, and more.

Gear Talk: a place to, well, talk gear.

Photography 101: back to the basics... share your most valuable tips for beginners.
  • Live Events: with a better user experience vs. Youtube Live Streams and Facebook Live.
  • Peer Critiques: from myself and others
  • Free Resources
  • SOS Image Help
  • Image Breakdowns
  • Edit Breakdowns
  • Latest Photography News
  • Quote of the Day
  • Monthly Photo Challenges
  • Hall of Transformation: kind of like the Baseball or Football Hall of Fame
  • Photographic Transformation Roadmap
  • Leaderboard w/prizes
  • Photography discounts
  • 17 Udemy courses
  • Premium presets + actions
  • Priority access to a la carte Mentoring + Rapid Fire
  • Build-a-Business