Transform Ordinary, Green Foliage to Beautiful Fall Colors in Photoshop!

Transform Ordinary, Green Foliage into Beautiful Fall Colors… easily with step-by-step instructions!

Creative Fall Edits


Have you ever wanted Fall colors but Mother Nature just wasn’t co-operating?

I’ll show you how to easily change ordinary, boring, green foliage into beautiful, vibrant and colorful Fall colors.

Includes the same image I use throughout the tutorials and my own 3 step editing workflow. You’ll learn the fundamentals of ACR, layers, layer masks and blending modes.

Plus, I’ll share two types of edits all photos should get, regardless of your photographic style, and how to easily apply to hundreds of images in seconds.

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Fall Edits Made Easy

Everyone wants those beautiful Fall colors for their portraits. The problem is Mother nature doesn’t always co-operate.  On the day of the big shoot it rains. Or the colors just aren’t right.

Worry no more! I have you covered. This Photoshop tutorial will help you transform ordinary green foliage into beautiful Fall colors!

Includes the same 3 photos used throughout the tutorials so you can practice what you learn.

As an extra bonus, I’ll provide you with my own personal editing workflow, that I’ve used on thousands of weddings and portrait sessions.

Plus, you’ll learn advanced Photoshop editing techniques like; how to use the histogram to start your editing process and how to remove people from your photo.

Once you’re done with the advanced tutorials, you’ll be able to edit your images, like a pro, all in Photoshop. You’ll have the tools, the workflow and knowledge to be able to edit better and faster than ever before.

And, you’ll know how easy it is to change green foliage into Fall colors!

Photoshop Fall Edits

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