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Let’s cut open our text like Uma Therman does in (name that movie, in the comments)… never mind, that’s too graphic. Anyway, you will learn how to slice ‘n dice your text with this spectacular Photoshop text effect tutorial!

Oh, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun, too… guaranteed! If you’re ready, let’s do it.

Note: The step-by-step instructions below are for experienced users of Photoshop. If you’re new to Photoshop, check out the Youtube video above.

Table of Contents

Note: the (above) video tutorial was created with Photoshop beginners in mind. The following step-by-step instructions are for more experienced users.

Step 1: Create a New Document + Gradient Background

create new document and gradient background

1920 x 1080 for the dimensions @ a resolution of 300ppi. Next, let’s grab our Gradient Tool (G) and set the colors as follows;

For this design, I’d like to start the Radial gradient from the canvas’s precise center. But where is it? I know, it’s in the center. But where exactly?

Let’s add a couple of guides for precision vs. trying to eyeball it; View > New Guide Layout.

In the new window, you’re going to set both the Columns and Rows to 2. If you’ve never used this tool before, you’ll see some settings in the Gutter. Pluck those out (set to nothing), click OK, and voila…

…where the horizontal and vertical guides intersect is the dead center!

Now it’s time to apply your Radial gradient. Ensure you have Radial selected from the tool options, click in the center, and drag out your gradient.

When you’re happy with the gradient, clear the guides; View > Clear Guides.

Pro Tip:

The longer the line you add, the better the transition from one to another. When it’s shorter, the transition will be more abrupt, and you’ll have more of the second color.

Step 2: Input & Align Your Text

add text and rotate

Can’t slice your text without any text. Am I right? Grab your Text Tool with the letter “T” and type out in all caps “SLICED.” Here are my font selections; Montserrat, Black, 90pt, white.

Hit your Escape key to deactivate the Text tool and press the letter “V” to access the Move Tool.

Now, select both layers in the Layers panel; hold your Shift key and click on the background layer to choose both. Then, in the tool options, locate and hit the following two icons; Align horizontal center + Align vertical center.

Your text is now perfectly aligned to the center of your canvas! Oh, and before I forget, click anywhere on your canvas to deselect the layers. One more thing, I rotated the text slightly with the Free Transform tool.

Step 3: It's Time To Slice Your Text!

slice your text

No sword required. Instead, our weapon of choice is the Pen Tool (P). Click at the top left of your first letter. Click again at the bottom right of the last letter.

This creates a path between the two anchor points. If you’re not happy with the angle of the path (where it’s going to slice your text), you can move it. Hold down your Command or Ctrl key and click on either point and move as needed.

Complete the Path

Now, continue clicking around the text’s bottom until you get back to the original anchor point. To close the path, click on that first point.

The next step is to convert it to a selection. Right-click inside the path and choose “Make Selection.” Set the “Feather Radius” to 1 pixel and click OK.

Time To Slice Your Text!

Make sure your text layer is selected and add a Layer Mask via the icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. The top portion of your text has been cut off!

We’ll need that top part of your text, though. Here’s how to get it back;

Step 4: Enhance the Effect

add drop shadow

Although we managed to slice our text, it doesn’t look all that impressive. Let’s style it to look more realistic.

First, with your Move Tool (V), move the Bottom layer down and right. Make sure the top part still aligns (touches) the Top layer.

Drop a Drop-Shadow To Amplify The Text Effect

Start by adding a new layer named drop shadow. Put this layer at the top of all other layers. Activate the work Path again and with your Pen Tool (P), click on the blue outline.

Next, we need to remove one of the anchor points on the bottom. Hold down your Alt or Option key, right-click on either bottom point, and select “Delete Anchor Point.”

Hold down your Command or Ctrl key for the other (bottom) point and move it to the bottom/middle of the angled path.

Again, hold down your Alt or Option key. But this time, click and drag out to add two handles to the point. Pull to the left to begin bending the path!

Now, set the foreground color to #333333. This will be used to fill the path. To fill it, right-click inside the path and select “Fill Path,” and click OK.

Style the Drop-Shadow

Let’s adjust the sharpness of the shadow’s edge to make it look more natural.

Now that the shadow is softer, we actually have to create a hard edge for the shadow’s top. This way, it will look like a flap that’s been cut out of paper.

Now What?

Did you complete the sliced text effect project already?

Great, bonus points for you! Now, it’s time to show off your new design skills and get feedback on the glitch effect. Here’s how; join our private Facebook group. It’s a great place to share, learn, and grow as a Photoshop user.

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