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This is the largest source of free brushes for GIMP on one page! I’ve scoured the internet and found a large assortment of free brushes that can be installed in GIMP.

Although most of these were created for Photoshop users, that’s o.k. That’s because Photoshop brushes are compatible with GIMP! In fact, I made this video showing step-by-step how to install Photoshop brushes in GIMP in under 2 minutes!

Are These Brushes Really Free?

Yes, yes, they are! If you’re new to GIMP, it’s a popular alternative to the king of “paint” software, Photoshop. GIMP, like the brushes listed on this page, is free!

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I’ll also add that all the brushes are easy to use. Once installed, they work like any other brush you’ve used in GIMP.

Ready? Sit back, grab some popcorn or coffee, and get ready to bookmark your favorite brush pack or two (thousand)! Let’s do it…

2,038 Free Brushes For GIMP!

brusheezy free brushes

Let’s start off with a mega-collection of brush packs. Brusheezy has a large assortment of free brushes created for Photoshop. Don’t let that stop you from installing in GIMP since they’ll work with it too.

They also have a premium option with more brushes! Although, with thousands of free ones, there really isn’t a need for the premium service.

Then again, you’ll notice that the premium service includes other resources, too. Like graphics for graphic design projects.

You’ll see their graphic files come in .PSD format. Which is a standard Photoshop file. But a .PSD file can be opened in GIMP too!

526 Free Brushes + 370 MILLION Resources

deviant art free brushes

Another source for a large assortment of brushes is through Deviant Art. Deviant Art is home for creative artists to showcase their artwork and share it with others. You’ll need to create an account to download these free brushes for GIMP.

No worries, though. It’s free to sign up, and Deviant Art is a respectable community in the art world. I’m positive you’ll find access to these brushes and 370 million pieces of art worth your time!

As you become more proficient with GIMP, you may find yourself creating your own brushes. If so, Deviant Art would be a great place to share your brushes. Oh, and to make a name for yourself with your creative vision by creating your online portfolio!

That being said, you can actually sell your brushes and or artwork on Deviant too! It’s the largest art community in the world with over 61 million members! If you join, check out my profile here.

Thousands of More Free Brushes!

my photoshop brushes freebies

myPhotoshopBrushes boasts a collection of over 1,000 packs of brushes. Each brush pack has multiple brushes within it. I didn’t take the time to count all the individual brushes! I did take a quick look through there inventory and found a lot of unique brushes, like;

4,257 Brush Packs

brush lovers free brushes

If the above options weren’t enough, I stumbled upon this site called Brush Lovers. As of today, they list over 4200 brush sets. Most of these sets include multiple brushes!

These brushes and their other resources are perfect for both pro graphic designers and those just starting out. 

Or if this is your hobby, you’ll love experimenting with the assortment of brushes at BrushLovers! BrushLovers has you covered with their diverse selection of brush packs, whatever your creative vision is.

Another cool thing about this site is their collection of free resources is always growing! So, bookmark their site, and you might find just what you need to finish that next project.

2,100 High-Quality Brushes for Free


Our next resource of free brushes comes from a company specializing in patterns, textures, and of course, brushes.

They offer a collection of high-quality brushes designed for Photoshop. Although, as mentioned before, you can install them for use in GIMP too.

As for their brush collection, they currently have 150 pages with 14 brush packs per page! That translates into over 2K brush sets. And since each brush set has multiple brushes, you’re looking at thousands of more free brushes!

Also, as you read this, they may have more than that since the list grows monthly. One more thing, while you’re on their site, you may want to check out their high-quality patterns and textures too.

800+ Free GIMP Brushes for Creatives

behance free brushes

If you’re looking for another community to grow as a creative artist, you definitely need to join Behance. It’s a great place to make a name for yourself. Although it’s run by Adobe, you don’t need any of their products!

Behance offers a place to build your portfolio to showcase your work. You can even find graphic design work and other types of jobs once you join! Check out my profile while you’re there.

Oh, and the reason you’re here…. creative artists from all over the world have kindly given free access to their brushes.

There are probably more than 800 brushes since I only counted those with a numbered list on the preview. And like some of the other sites we covered, the list of free brushes grows weekly.

Which Ones Are the Best GIMP Brushes?

I’m sorry to say, it’s impossible to list the best GIMP brushes. What does “the best” really mean?

To me, “the best” are high-quality brushes that will get the job done! But, a brush pack I select may not work for your project.

Or you may prefer a GIMP brush set in the same category, created by a different artist.

It’s going to take time to find the right brushes for YOU! When you find them, they’ll be “the best free” brush sets for your artwork.

Think of it this way; the type of GIMP brush you need depends on the project you’re working on and your creative vision for the artwork. And not what others think!

So, the only real test of “the best” are brushes that work for you and are of high-quality. Rest assured the resources provided above all provide high-resolution files.

Again, it’s going to take time to find the right brushes for the project at hand. There aren’t any shortcuts in life! At least if you want results, you’ll be happy with. This brings us to…

What’s Next?

The hardest part now is deciding which brushes you need for a particular project. I’d recommend narrowing your selections through each site’s search menu.

For example, if you need an edgy brush, try searching for “grunge” brushes.

Also, as you begin downloading hundreds of brushes, you’ll need to organize them.

Otherwise, keeping track of them will become frustrating. Unlike Photoshop, GIMP doesn’t have as robust of a folder system for tracking brushes.

All your brushes, once installed in GIMP, are organized by name. Although helpful, keeping tracking of dozens or hundreds or thousands of brush names will exceed your ability to remember them all.

It might be worthwhile keeping a spreadsheet with your favorite brushes and their names.

One of the most asked questions I get about GIMP brushes is, “how do I resize brushes?” The answer can be found here.

Last but not least, I’ve created the friendliest private community for creative artists like you! It’s a great place to learn, share, and grow as an artist. Come join us here, it’s free too!

Oh, and to learn more about GIMP in general, check out my Youtube channel.

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