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Save 10% with this Luminar Neo DISCOUNT CODE: Parker10

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►►► Save 10% with this Luminar Neo DISCOUNT CODE: Parker10

Luminar Neo Tutorial

This is chapter two of this 12-part series, and I will show you how to download and install a free seven-day trial of Luminar Neo.

Then we will review the three pricing options to extend your use of Luminar Neo.

Now, I also have a special discount code that you can use to save an extra 10% more on that in a moment. First, let’s locate that download link in the description below. So once you click on that link, it will take you to this page here.

Then just click on this free download button here to download Luminar Neo.

Then locate the file that it downloaded, and you need to unzip it.

You can either try double-clicking on the file, and then you’ll get this new installer file here, or you can try right-clicking and selecting unzip from the menu from here.

Okay, so we’re now going to double-click on Luminar Neo. I’m going to click open. I’m going to accept the license agreement.

And then, you need to choose your application folder or the destination where you want Luminar Neo if you have Photoshop and Lightroom installed.

You can also install a plug-in for both by selecting those and going ahead and clicking install.

Once installed, you’re going to get this installation success window, and then you have the option to scan this QR code to download Luminar Share Mobile Sharing assistant for Luminar Neo.

Now, there’s a little thing right down here you need to be aware of, which is automatically selected by default, and it says to allow Skylum software to collect data for analytical and research purposes.

This is where they will review an image you’re editing and use it to improve their AI software.

If you want to avoid doing that, go ahead and uncheck this. I’m going to click launch.

All right, once Luminar Neal is done loading, you will need to activate the free trial to continue using it.

So if you see a window that looks similar to this, follow the instructions, activate it, and then you can launch Luminar Neal and start using it.

Every time you open up Luminar O’Neal, you’ll probably see a screen similar to this that will tell you how many days are left in your seven-day free trial.

When you’re ready to extend beyond that seven-day free trial, you will probably find a link in an email they sent you or directly in the Luminar app.

Or you can go back to the Luminar homepage here and click on view plans. Now I want to share that extra discount code where you can save 10% when you’re ready to buy Luminar Neo.

And there are three pricing options. The first

Two are for yearly subscriptions. So you’re going to have to pay for Luminar Neo every year.

And the price you pay depends on the special at the time, and you can get a deeper discount by clicking here and selecting, validate your special price. So that’s something to think about.

If you don’t want to worry about a yearly subscription, you can use the lifetime option, but there are some limitations to that as well.

And there’s a chart here of different things that are included with each one of these pricing options.

So with the basic package here, you won’t get any extensions or future extensions.

They are included in the pro version and can be used on two computers, plus a higher discount in the marketplace where you can buy additional presets, clouds, and other things to enhance your images.

Now, when it comes to the lifetime option, you’re more limited on what you will receive.

You won’t receive any extension packs, but they will be available for purchase.

Now, any major upgrades will not be included, but you will get some software updates like performance stability and some feature updates for the current version of Luminar.

Now, if it’s a major upgrade, for example, from version one to two, you can upgrade at a discounted rate and continue with your lifetime license.

So go through all these options and decide which is best for you.

These prices here are in Canadian, so the price you see is probably different if you’re in a different country.

So once you select one of these Buy Now options, you’re going to get this little window here, and under enter promotional code, you’re going to type in Parker 10 and click apply to save an extra 10%.

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