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How to Start a Profitable Wedding Photography Business

Want to start a wedding photography business? Do you want to succeed and be profitable?

If so, I’ll share with you my 15+ years experience, as a pro wedding photographer, and how I was profitable year-after-year. In fact, I steadily earned $70K per year AND worked less every year…

Zero to Profits

Your Profitable Wedding Photography Business

..learn the secrets of being profitable and working part-time… as a professional wedding photographer.

This wedding photography business class includes everything you need to be, well, profitable. 

Checklists, step-by-step instructions, 800+ images for inspiration and much more.

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I have a unique photo (and editing) style. This course is not about my style and replicating it. It’s about starting a wedding photography business… and being profitable. Take inspiration from the 800+ images throughout to come up with your own photography style.

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How much do you want to earn? Knowing that is step 1. Then, you can use the “pricing for profit” formula to determine your prices.

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I like to refer to my shooting style as “romantic photojournalism”

How Much Can You Make As a Wedding Photographer?

It depends. Of course… on a lot of factors.

You’ll learn the pricing formula to help you set your prices… to be profitable.

My first year, I shot 62 weddings and made $70,546 in profits. That’s gross income AFTER business expenses. They may be more or less than what you need to earn.

However, for me, it was a huge increase in income from the previous year (before I began shooting professionally). In 2001, my income was only $23,467.

So, how did I triple my income in one year? You’ll learn all my secrets with this wedding photography business course.

Oh, and not only that but… 5 years later I earned $70,345 by shooting ONLY 38 weddings!

Hmmm, I shot less and made the same amount of money. How did I do that? 

Well, you’ll have to sign up to find out.

Profitable Wedding Photography

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