Finally, a New Way To Refer Back To All
the Photography Training You Did At Home…
When You’re Out Creating New Photos!

Now, you can take your photography training with you anywhere you go…

Does This Sound Familiar...

big foot
“I wish I could take photography cheat sheets with me to help me remember what I learned, so I can apply it while creating new photos.”

After training hundreds of thousands of photographers online, I hear that repeatedly.

The problem with online photography training, whether through Youtube or online courses, is all that training is sitting at home when you’re out and about creating new photos.

Unless you have a photographic memory, you will not remember everything.

Am I right?

So, what happens when you’re out shooting and a “once in a lifetime event” occurs…

…maybe you see Bigfoot or a U.F.O., or maybe your teenager smiles for the first time in years…

…And you miss the shot because what you learned about last week didn’t stick!

Is anyone going to believe what you saw without a photo?

Probably not…

So, What’s the Solution?

Well, there’s three solutions…


You could go to a local photography workshop where you’ll be grouped with like-minded photographers and get hands-on training. 

These workshops cost anywhere from a hundred dollars to several hundred per day.

But… same problem as before… how much information will you retain and be able to apply when on your own?


Or, you can hire me at $150 an hour as your personal mentor.

But chances are you probably don’t want me hanging around whenever you create new photos. That’s o.k., I understand.

And not to mention how expensive that would be!


The best solution is to take my thirty years of photography experience with you in your camera bag {or smartphone}.


Let me introduce you to my new photography training tool…


Compact size cheat sheets loaded with information that will make photography fun again!

27 Essential Photo Cards...

27 Cards

…{cheat sheets} that you can take with you everywhere and anywhere.

Get the picture?

The cards cover everything from harnessing light, camera settings galore, composition, and pro-tips on specific photography genres like portraits, landscapes, wildlife, and much more.

Best of all, when you bring your Photo Cards on your next photography journey, you’ll never forget the essentials of creating striking images!

What other photographers are saying about my photography training…

Rave Reviews

Gina Ooi
Gina Ooi
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"It has been a very pleasant experience working with Parker Photographic. They are truly professional, experienced, caring and skilled. 

I'm are confident in recommending their wonderful products to anyone and to any photographer."
Amber Ferguson
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"So I just needed to share that I absolutely love how Chris Parker teaches!!

I’m now on your website reading your articles and will be signing up for some of your classes. You are the best teacher I’ve followed so far!! Super clear, super simple direction that makes info really resonate! Cheers!"
Melissa Antoinette
Melissa Antoinette
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"I've found access to your tutorials... And OMG! You are a blessing! Tutorials are easy to follow and literally feels like you're sitting in the same room with me teaching your step by step process! "
Mario Dzeba
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"Way above all my expectations. Chris is incredibly passionate about his craft. Exceptional quality and incredibly beneficial for a beginner like myself."
Randy Hall
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"Chris makes everything so clear and easy to understand."
Robert Turner
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"Using plain simple language Chris manages to make what is seemingly complicated understandable - I've been playing around with cameras for years and mostly been flying by the seat of my pants, I'm now starting to understand how I managed to jag those couple of really great shots, and now hopefully will be able to create even more 'great shots'."
Tim Sturm
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"Very clear and well-structured explanation. Easy to follow, yet full of useful tips."

Color-Coded Convenience

As a BONUS, I’ve organized your new Photo Card cheat sheets into 9 common problem areas…

Camera Operations
camera operation cheat sheets
Camera Techniques
camera technique cheat sheet
exposure basics cheat sheets
advanced exposure cheat sheets
landscape cheat sheets
lens cheat sheet
light cheat sheets
portrait cheat sheets cheat sheets

Rave Reviews

Amanda Newell
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"Clear, detailed and broken down into excellent bite sized chunks that follow a sensible structure..... perfect!"
Sunil Hate
Sunil Hate
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"Finding it easy to understand. This will help me a lot in mastering my DSLR camera and create amazing results. Looking forward to it."
Peter Montfort
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"Information was well presented and sufficient examples were given. "
Jerry Harris
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"Very good instructor who provides excellent instruction and information."
John Herbert
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"Chris does a great job explaining all the basics you need to get great images from your DSLR."
Deva Raj
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"Very clear and precise. I learned a lot of new things and perspectives."
Salma Alaa
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"Sooooooooooooooooo good!"
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"There’s a lot of info, but it was taught in an understandable way. I loved the visuals, as they were very helpful!"

Here’s how the Photo Card system will help you create amazing images that will impress family and friends…

I’m Practically Giving These Away


I’ve taken my 30 years of experience as a pro photographer {and trainer} and summarized my knowledge into 27 cheat sheets… priceless.


You could pay me $150 an hour for in-person training.


Or you can get these 27 Photo Cards for less than 26 cents each… only $7 for 27 Essential Photo Cards!

I’ve set a retail price of $7 each {which comes to $189}. And you’ll find them at this price throughout the year.

However, there will be times like today when you can buy 1 and get the other 26 for free.

Join over 220,754 other photographers that have elevated their photography skills with my training!

What Other Options Do You Have?


Continue doing what you are now and slowly develop your photography skills.


Pay for in-person training that costs much more than these 27 Photo Cards.



Take my photography experience, and put it in your camera bag for only $7.

Oh, did I mention that I offer a 30-day Money Back guarantee?

Yep, that’s right. I’ll refund your order if you’re unhappy with your new Photo Cards!


You will download both PDF and JPG files.

Use the PDFs for printing or to save to your smartphone. You can also use the JPG files for printing.

At this time, we only offer downloadable files.

If you would like us to consider printing for you, please email us (via the email provided after purchase) and let us know you’re interested in having us do the printing for you.

“Printable” means the cards were designed to be printed… and not sit on your computer.

You’re more likely to use the cards when you have them printed and can take them with you!


After download, you’ll have a full 30 days to use the cards, and I guarantee they’ll help you create better images.

If not, contact us for a no-hassle refund.