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Free Photoshop articles. Learn how to use Photoshop


Creative tools & resources to help you achieve your creative vision… with Photoshop. 

Everything from pre-made creative actions to free & premium tutorials.


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Creative tools & resources to help you achieve your creative vision… with Lightroom 

Everything from pre-made creative presets to free & premium tutorials.


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Lightroom Crash Course

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Photoshop for Beginners

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Camera Masterclass

Why would you want to master your camera? Well, to create better photos of course!

This Camera Masterclass is all about light and how your camera can help you capture the light to fulfill your creative vision. After all, light is an essential foundation for any photo you create.

For All Levels of Photographers…
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Tree, perfect exposure

Once you’ve completed all 14 episodes I guarantee you’ll never look at your camera or your subjects in the same “light.”

You’ll discover…

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5 FREE Holiday Card Templates Instantly download 5 free Holiday Card Templates for GIMP and/or Photoshop.  No e-mail required! Links to Youtube tutorials showing how

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