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Thanks for stopping in. Hope you stay and hang out for a bit. Oh… in case you’re wondering that’s me, Chris Parker – and our 2 little ones (not so little anymore)…

With 25+ years in the photo industry, I’m here to help you achieve your creative vision, with Lightroom. Lot’s of free Lightroom presets, tools & resources to help you along your journey.

Plus, premium creative Lightroom presets & premium Lightroom tutorials to take your editing to the next level and make your images “pop”.

Just a heads up, you’re going to soon discover things are a little different around here. But first…

Why photographers love it here…

Free Lightroom Tutorials

Free is cool. Free is fun. Free is fab-u-listically delicious! I love free stuff. How ‘bout you?


Step 1…
Lightroom Crash Course

New to Lightroom? Or just not sure where to start? Well, don’t start here! Complete steps 1 & 2 first. Then, come back and take our Lightroom Crash Course. Everything you need to get started with Lightroom.


Step 2…
Data Management Workflow

Coming soon

Sneak peek… Let’s just say, not having a Data Management plan (or workflow) could be devestating to your well-being. It could literally put you into financial ruin.

Seriously… Let’s fix it by creating your Data Management workflow, today. Yes, now before you do anything else!


Step 3…
Determine Your Path

Coming soon

Now that you’ve completed Step 1 & Step 2, it’s time to determine your next path to mastering Lightroom. You have 2 options to choose from. You’ll learn the benefits of both and can then decide on your next step.

Premium Lightroom Tutorials

You have 2 choices; 1. learn Lightroom in months or years. 2. invest in your knowldge and learn in hours or days.
How much is your time worth to you?


Fall Edits

Have you ever wanted Fall colors and Mother Nature just wasn’t co-operating? Well, I’ve created 30 Lightroom presets that will allow you to transform ordinary, plain, boring, green foliage into Fall Colors – all in Lightroom!

Not only will you receive all 30 Fall presets, but you can also watch me edit 3 different photos and learn my Lightroom editing secrets for transforming images straight-out-of-camera, quickly and easily. You can also download those same 3 photos, from my portfolio, to follow along as you watch me edit and then can apply what you’ve learned to those images. Or if you’re an avid Lightroom user, you can begin applying the 30 presets, immediately to your photos.


Preset Academy

This course is an action based course. You will come away with the knowledge of 7 types of presets you can use to cut your post-production time by up to 50% (or more). But more importantly, you will take action throughout this course and you’ll have created the 7 most powerful presets that you can utilize, immediately.


Lightroom Made Easy

Lightroom CC Made Easy Tutorials, is an in-depth, fun, fast (at your own pace), set of bite-size tutorials that will show you how to use all aspects of Lightroom and edit like a pro.

On average, each tutorial is 4-8 minutes long. This allows you to learn at your own pace and master what you learn before moving on. Plus, free resource files (photos) are included so you can follow along and practice what you learn.

This is not a hands-off learning experience either. If, at anytime, your stuck and have a question, you can get your answer either through our private Facebook community (with hundreds of other artists) or through my private email.


Make Your Images “POP”!

Discover the tools to make it happen…

Are your photos a bit boring, flat?  Ready to make your images “POP”?  These tools could be the
difference between rejection and acceptance.  They’re easy to use and includes FREE training…





Struggling with editing? Our “Newborn Lightroom Presets Workflow” will streamline your post processing and allow you to edit faster.

Specifically designed for the unique challenges of post processing Newborn photos.

Learn More





Struggling with editing? The Portrait Workflow is perfect for precise control over highlights and shadows, adding depth of field, adding pop to your sunsets, smoothing skin and much more.

Hand crafted for Portrait photographers.

Learn More





Is editing taking too long? Are your images flat and boring? Take your editing to a new level and make your images “POP”! Our Wedding adjustment brushes will allow you to custom edit your photos fast and easily.

Designed by a Wedding photographer for Wedding photographers!

Learn More





Struggling with editing? Do you offer a full-service studio experience? Then, our Studio Bundle will provide you with all 180+ Lightroom adjustment brushes from our Newborn, Portrait and Wedding collection at a HUGE discount (vs. a la carte).

A specially designed bundle, for photographers that provide full-service photography.

Learn More

Discover Our Private Facebook Community…

You’re not alone! Join other photographers that are (or were) struggling with
Lightroom in our private Facebook Community.

Get exclusive access to join me and 1,800+ other success-minded
photographers to ask questions, share your work, and make new friends..

Who can join? Customers, Facebook Fans & E-mail Subscribers too.

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