Lightroom Pro Tutorials

60+ Pro Tutorials | 20 Hours | Unlimited Streaming Everything you need to know on how to use Lightroom. From organizing, editing, creating a productive workflow + more pro tips. Perfect for beginners – advanced users!
Lightroom Pro Tutorials 1

Lightroom 101

An in-depth, fun, fast, set of pro tutorials teaching you how to use Lightroom & edit like a pro.

Lightroom Pro Tutorials 2

Create a Lightroom workflow

A step-by-step guide for creating your own Lightroom workflow in 5 easy steps. Includes worksheets & checklists.

Lightroom Pro Tutorials 3

7 Presets To Speed Up Your Workflow

You will come away with 7 types of presets you can use to cut your post-production time by up to 50%.

Lightroom Pro Tutorials 4

LR Editing Workflow for Weddings

Learn How to Post-Process 500 Images Per Hour. Plus, you’ll learn my personal 3 step editing workflow.

Lightroom Pro Tutorials 5

Portrait Beauty Retouch in LR

Learn How to Edit & Retouch Your Beauty Portraits in Lightroom!  In this pro tutorial, you will learn how to…

Lightroom Pro Tutorials 6

Lightroom Fall Edits

30 Lightroom presets that will allow you to transform ordinary, plain, boring, green foliage into Fall colors.