30 Lightroom Fall Presets & “Watch Me Edit” – Green Foliage to Fall Colors!

Watch our video tutorial to see how easy they are to use, apply, customize and much more…

how to edit fall photos in lightroom

Lightroom Fall Edit 06

Lightroom Fall Edit 09

Have you ever wanted Fall colors and Mother Nature just wasn’t co-operating? Well, I’ve created 30 Lightroom presets that will allow you to transform ordinary, plain, boring, green foliage into Fall Colors – all in Lightroom!

Not only will you receive those 30 Fall presets, but you can also watch me edit 3 different photos and learn my Lightroom editing secrets for transforming images straight out of camera, quickly and easily. You can also download those same 3 photos, from my portfolio, to follow along as you watch me edit and then can apply what you’ve learned to those images. Or if you’re an avid Lightroom user, you can begin applying the 30 presets, immediately to your photos.

As an extra bonus, I’ll provide you with my own personal editing workflow, that I’ve used on thousands of weddings and portrait sessions.

You can then apply that editing workflow to each of the 3 images and master all the techniques and tools I use to edit in Lightroom and be able to change green, boring, foliage into fall colors.

Plus, you’ll learn advanced Lightroom editing techniques like; how to use the Histogram to start your editing process, how to remove objects and even people from your photo – all in Lightroom, how to dodge and burn to add depth to your photos, how to stack local adjustment presets to add additional depth to your photos, 3 editing adjustments that I apply during import and much, much more.

Once you’re done with the advanced tutorials, you’ll be able to edit your images, like a pro, all in Lightroom. You’ll have the tools, the workflow and knowledge to be able to edit better and faster than ever before. Plus, you’ll know how easy it is to change green foliage into Fall colors! I promise it’s very easy and the 30 presets you’ll receive makes it so much easier.

Recommended for…
1. Beginner, Intermediate & Expert Lightroom users
2. Photographers of all Levels

Includes all of the following, plus lifetime access to the advanced tutorials…

30 Lightroom Presets
Watch me edit 3 photos – plus, download the same photos to follow along
30 day money back guarantee!
Access to our private Facebook community
Transform green foliage into Fall colors

Bonus 1: Advanced Lightroom editing tutorials – learn my editing secrets with dozens of tips and techniqes
Bonus 2: Discover the same workflow I’ve used on over 500 weddings and thousands of portrait sessions


Love these Fall brushes… I can do so much with them. Thank you so much for making these. These have helped out alot this year due to the crazy weather here in VA. The leaves are normally already changed…. And they are just starting to change just now…. TODAY it was 87 degrees…. Crazy…. Thanks so much again…Tiffany - Mamaratzy Photography

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Yes, I Want Both Special Offers – $56

Check Out a Few More Samples…

Lightroom Fall Edit 01

Lightroom Fall Edit 02

Lightroom Fall Edit 03

Lightroom Fall Edit 04

Lightroom Fall Edit 05

Lightroom Fall Edit 07

Lightroom Fall Edit 08

Lightroom Fall Edit 10

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Bonus Special Offer! Discover my 7 secret presets that will cut your post-production by 50%. Only $7 (Save $22).

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Hello Chris, I wanted to thank you so much for what you have done for me to give me thesewonderful tools, words are not enough to tell you how wonderful this feels ,  I really appreciate your support, there really is nice people out there and you are one of them.
Thank you so kindly…   Veronica – Soft Touch Photography


“It has been a very pleasant experience working with Photographic Elements. They are truly professional, experienced, caring and skilled. We are confident in recommending their wonderful products to anyone and to any photographer.”
Gina Ooi Photography


“I really enjoy editing in lightroom however when I first started out I was quite lost a friend told me to try using some presets to help along. I down loaded from a few places, wasn’t too impressed, it was a confusing process with little to no help from the companies however, I then found parkerphotographic.com and decided to try out some of the free presets that were offered. I found the installing process very easy as they came with step by step instructions. I have now purchased many presets, brushes and overlays from this site. I will continue to be a faithful customer as my clients are always happy with my work and I have parkerphotographic.com to thank for making my work flow easier and more enjoyable. ”
Helen Compton

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What version of Lightroom will the presets work in?

The Lightroom presets, from our Lightroom Fall Edits, can be used in Lightroom 5, 6 and CC.

Will these work with Photoshop?


How do I use them and how easy are they to use?

We have a video tutorial showing how to use. Very easy. I promise. 🙂

How long will it take to download?

As soon as your payment completes, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page that will include your download links. Plus, a receipt (with the download links) will be emailed as well. If you do not receive our email, then your email service provider is blocking our emails. Please contact support for further assistance; https://parkerphotographic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Can I install these leaf overlays on my desktop and laptop?

Yes. You can install the leaf overlays on up to 3 computers.

I bought and never received a download link. Where is my download link?

Download links are provided on the confirmation page after payment has been processed.  Plus, a download link was emailed immediately after payment was processed. If you never received the email then it’s possible your spam settings are too high or your ISP blocked the email (before it even reached you). Please place our email address on your safe list (4parker @ parker photographic . com) and contact us for your download link https://parkerphotographic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Add to Cart – $39

Bonus Special Offer! Discover my 7 secret presets that will cut your post-production by 50%. Only $7 (Save $22).

Yes, I Want Both Special Offers – $46