Photoshop Actions

300+ Actions | Pro Tutorials Included

Created for beginners – advanced users! Speed up your workflow and/or discover new creative edits to fulfill your creative vision!

Advanced actions include video tutorials to help you get the most out of them. 

Photoshop Pro Actions 1

300+ Creative Actions

Photoshop actions designed for a variety of edits based on your creative vision. 

Each action is applied on a separate layer.  This allows you to adjust the “edits”, applied by the action, for your own personal taste.

Photoshop Pro Actions 2

Zombie Action

Turn an ordinary portrait into a Zombie!  This action includes blood, textures, lesions and more. 

Pro tutorials included showing how to use the action and customize your Zombie with the included “skin” elements.

Photoshop Pro Actions 3

Snow Action

Easily add snow with a click of a button!  The action does all the work.  Plus, each time you use it the results are different (randomly disperses the snow). 

Pro tutorials included for learning how to remove the snow as needed (from face).