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30 Winter Photoshop Actions​

Winter. It’s an acquired taste. You either love it or hate it.

Are you a fan of winter? Yes? Then, you’re probably one of the few photographers that loves to venture out into the cold and shoot!

If you love winter, then, you’re going to love this set of winter Photoshop actions too! These winter actions were created for photographers just like you… specifically for winter photos.

Enhance your winter photos by removing a bit of “blue”, warm up your photos just a tad, add a kiss of winter and much more.

A Wonderful Time of Year!


A snowy, winter wonderland is a beautiful site to see. Wouldn’t you agree?

This set of winter Photoshop actions were created specifically for this time of year.

Take the beauty of Mother Nature and enhance your photos based on your creative vision.

Maybe the colors weren’t vibrant enough at the time of capture. Or maybe you want a more creative look?

Either way, with a single click you can transform your images into what you had envisioned at the time you took the photo.

Quick Start Guide

Easy to install. Even easier to use. Our Quick Start Guide will have you using our matte Photoshop actions in 60 seconds or less!

30 Winter Premium Actions

Only $10


30 actions


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Precise Control

All of our Photoshop actions apply edits that are non-destructive. In other words, they don’t damage the original file!

You can easily remove (delete or turn-off) or adjust the edits for your personal preference.


Well, any edits applied are done on individual layers. This gives you the freedom to adjust for best results… for YOUR photos.

Any Photoshop actions you apply are just that… “edits”. Edits that were saved as an action (for later use) were done based on the creative vision of the person doing the edits AND the photo they were applying them too.

Photos (and their histograms) are like snowflakes. No two are alike!

So, it makes sense that an action made for one photo may not be perfect for another.

Sometimes you need to make adjustments until you’re happy with the results. Which is super-duper easy to do!

If you’re new to Photoshop I’ll show you how to adjust any edits to get the results you want.

If you have some experience in Photoshop then you can use any of these fall Photoshop actions as a starting point for your creative vision.

Portraits + Landscapes

What type of photos should you use these winter Photoshop actions on?

Well, since these actions were designed with winter in mind… you can use them on any type of outdoor photo.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a photo of a landscape, an outdoor portrait, a winter wedding or anything else shot outside (in the winter).

You’re only limited by your imagination!

10 Free Winter Photoshop Actions

The following free winter Photoshop actions are not included in the premium collection (above).  Once downloaded, you'll find two different Photoshop files for your actions. 

One is an .atn file that will install directly in Photoshop.  The other is an .xmp file.

To learn how to install these actions check out our How To Install Photoshop Actions & Presets guide.

Get 400+ premium Photoshop actions for $10... cancel anytime.  F.Y.I.: New premium actions added every month!

30 Winter Premium Actions

Only $10


30 actions


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