1,152 Free Lightroom Presets

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1,000 Free Lightroom Presets

Table of Contents

free lightroom presets

Download 70 Free Lightroom Presets - Parker Photographic

Let’s start off with our most popular Lightroom presets.

This collection of presets includes presets from our Fall, Summer, Retro, Photographic Art Collections, and much more.

It includes 70 free Lightroom presets that can be used in Lightroom 5, 6, or CC.

All our presets work with both JPG and RAW files.

59 Free Presets - Photo Traces

Love to travel? Then this set of presets is perfect for you!

These travel presets were created by a pro travel photographer.

They’re yours to download…

free lightroom presets

Photo by Photo Traces

free lightroom presets

12 Free Lightroom Presets - Matt K.

Another impressive collection of Lightroom presets for free. These are provided by Matt K.

There are 5 presets in this collection, and each has its own blog post.

20 Free Lightroom Presets - Beart Presets

The best free set of presets in my opinion. I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Each preset is compatible with Lightroom 4-CC. Plus, you can use both JPG and RAW files with these presets.

Have You...

…ever received Lightroom presets,
applied them to your photos, and thought:

“These are the worst Lightroom presets I’ve ever bought or downloaded for free”!

102 Free Lightroom Presets - Lonely Speck

Another fabu-listically delicious website with out-of-this-world photos! I highly recommend checking out this site just for the pictures.

This collection includes another eye-popping, gigantic amount of presets – 102 in all.

16 Free Lightroom Presets - Photon Collective

Another out of this world website with beautiful photos.

This collection of presets is from the same creators of Lonely Speck. Just a different website.  One of the best free presets collection.

Download all 16 free Lightroom presets from this collection, and you will not be disappointed.

10 Free Lightroom Presets - Nate Photographic

Our next collection of 10 presets were created by Nate Photographic.

Per his post, he spent hundreds of hours researching, calibrating, and testing these presets. These are based on the popular VSCO Cam mobile photography app.

These presets will make your images look more professional and more refined vs. filters on Instagram.

3 Free Lightroom Presets - Stellar Photography

Free, quality Adobe Lightroom presets. Dustin has created 3 stellar presets as part of this free collection.

One will convert your image to an awesome b&W, another will add some Snap to your photo, and the third is Golden.

190 Lightroom Free Presets - onOne Software

This is the best free set of presets that are sponsored by onOne Software.

ON1 Software provides desktop apps, software, and tools for photographers.

Ever wish you could use layers in Lightroom? You can with one of their apps!

A massive set of 190 free Lightroom presets from one website!

This set includes 4 collections from internationally known photographers. Plus, another 2 collections from onOne.

All of the presets work with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. Let’s first look at the 4 collections from the photographers.

5 Free Lightroom Presets - Presets Galore

A beautiful collection of 5 free Lightroom presets that include the following presets; B&W Portraits Detailed Matte, B&W Romance 5, Touch of Drama, Wet Plate Chocolate Shadows and Deeply Matte Color Cream Wash.

  • The B&W preset will create a dramatic matte finish for your portraits.
  • The B&W Romance preset adds a romantic and soft b&w feel to your images.
  • Touch of Drama preset all boost the colors and contrast of your photos.
  • The Wet Plate preset adds a warm, almost vintage film look to your photos.
  • Deeply Matte preset provides a matte-like finish to your images.

92 Free Lightroom Presets - Preset Pond

Preset Pond has a ton of free Lightroom presets. Presets are submitted from artists around the world.

There are 15 pages, with 213 total presets. From what I can tell, new presets are submitted all the time.

208 Free Lightroom Presets - Preset Love

Preset Love has a vast collection of free Lightroom presets.

Presets are submitted by artists from around the world and conveniently available for download.

Easily navigate through each preset with before/after photos.

Then, just download the preset you want.

Make sure to bookmark their site too since they add new free presets often.

365 Free Presets - Presets Heaven

Another massive collection of over 365 free Lightroom presets.
Pierre, from Presets Heaven, took on a huge project of shooting every day for 365 days.

Then, he took a photo from each day and created a custom preset from it. You’re sure to find the perfect preset for any project.

Plus, there are dozens more presets that can be found on his site too.

Do a site search for; “free presets” to locate the other presets available for download.