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36 Spring Lightroom Presets

Summer, winter, and fall may have their fans, but spring is clearly the most lovable of the four seasons. How do I know?

Well, the flowers, the birds, the leaves, the bees, and even the bears return! Who doesn’t love spring?

Even better, you can now go outside and start shooting pretty photos without a winter wardrobe.  Ready to shoot? Awesome! Now, you can take those beautiful spring photos and enhance them with our spring Lightroom presets.

This gorgeous, easy to use spring collection will instantly infuse your photos with a touch of light, a boost of color and/or the precision for custom edits.

36 Spring Lightroom Presets   //   Quick Install Guide    //    Preset Guide For Best Results

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Spring Lightroom Presets For The Most Loved Season of All!

Winter. Not too many fans. Bears hibernate. Leaves disappear. Birds fly south.

But, spring, my-oh-my everyone loves spring!

Whether you want to enhance your spring photos with a kiss-of-light, add a color boost to those spring flowers or want to have precise edits over your photos… everything is covered in this collection of spring Lightroom presets!

Blueberry Preset
Slide for Before/After

Rejoice. Winter is Over!

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Spring Lightroom Presets

It’s time to get outside and start taking photos again! Wouldn’t you agree?

Once you do, you can then spice up and enhance those spring photos by adding a touch-of-light, brighten up and boost colors, create a soft elegant glow and much more.

All with our spring Lightroom presets.

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36 Spring Lightroom Presets 8


Quick Start Guide

Easy to install. Even easier to use. Our Quick Start Guide will have you using our spring Lightroom presets in 60 seconds or less!

Each step of the way we have supporting material to help you get the most out of our Lightroom presets: Quick Start Guide, Lightroom Preset Guide, Lightroom Pro Tutorials (included with monthly or yearly purchase) and more.

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Precise Control

Any preset you apply to your images, whether ours or someone else’s, the edits applied are non-destructive. In other words, they don’t damage the original file. You can easily remove the edits by resetting the “edit” settings or by applying a new preset.

This is great news because it also means you can adjust any edits applied for best results… for YOUR photo.

Any presets you apply are just that… “edits”. Edits that were saved as a preset (for later use) were done based on the creative vision of the person doing the edits AND the photo they were applying them too.

Photos (and their histograms) are like snowflakes. No two are alike! So, it makes sense that a preset made for one photo may not be perfect for another.

Sometimes you need to make adjustments until you’re happy with the results.  Which is super-duper easy to do!

If you’re new to Lightroom I’ll show you how to adjust any edits to get the results you want.

If you have some experience in Lightroom then you can use any of these spring Lightroom presets as a starting point for your creative vision.

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36 Spring Lightroom Presets 14

Warm Sun

New to Lightroom Or Just Looking For a New Creative Look?

Lightroom presets (in general) allow you to quickly apply previous edits to your photos… in 1 click!

However, don’t be deceived by the simplicity. Not all presets will work 100% of the time for all your photos. No one else in the industry wants you to know this! I do.

Ever apply a pre-made preset that you purchased elsewhere (or from free Lightroom presets you downloaded) and wondered why they didn’t look good on your images? I have an article that explains exactly what happens when applying Lightroom presets, and why it doesn’t always look good!

Plus, you’ll learn how to EXACTLY use these spring Lightroom presets with the included (and exclusive) Lightroom preset guide and pro tutorials (with a subscription).

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36 Spring Lightroom Presets 16

Purple Bloom

36 Spring Lightroom Presets 17


36 Spring Lightroom Presets 18

Vintage Green

Classic Spring Edits

Want just a touch of enhancement for your spring colors or photos in general? No problem.

This set of spring Lightroom presets comes with a lot of “classic” type edits. These spring presets will boost the saturation of your spring colors and add a small amount of contrast.

Just like with any of our presets you can easily adjust them to your liking. And you could even save your adjustments as your own personal spring Lightroom preset. Perfect when you’re shooting under the same conditions and want consistent edits.

Creating your own presets is easy. I’ll show you how to adjust and save your own spring Lightroom presets (with the included Pro tutorial)!

Vintage Spring Edits

Looking to create a more retro or vintage type of edit? No problem.

This set of spring Lightroom presets also comes with “vintage” types of presets.

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36 Spring Lightroom Presets 20

Kiss of Sun

36 Spring Lightroom Presets 21


36 Spring Lightroom Presets 22


Advanced Spring Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Develop Presets are the most known and used type of presets. Which this spring collection includes.

However, there are other more advanced type of presets known as “Local Adjustment” presets.

These types of presets allow you to control where to place the edit in your image.

Local adjustment presets give you the precision and control once only available in Photoshop.

This set of spring presets includes several Local Adjustment presets.

This includes both Linear (Graduated Filter) and Radial gradients.

They can be used for several different types of creative effects. Like, to darken a sky, enhance a sunset, blur out the foreground (to control depth-of-field) and more!

Although they are “advanced” they too are easy to use.

You’ll learn exactly how to use them, for best results, with the Quick Start Guide tutorial.

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36 Spring Lightroom Presets 24

Hazy Warm Sun

36 Spring Lightroom Presets 25


36 Spring Lightroom Presets 26

Spring Wash

Portraits + Landscapes

What type of photos should you use these spring Lightroom presets on? Well, since these presets were designed with spring in mind…you can use them on any type of photo!

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a photo of a landscape or an outdoor portrait, a wedding photo or any other type of photography.

Presets + Actions

This is just the beginning! Although this set includes a large amount of Lightroom presets we have many more. Over 600 in fact. Become a Pro member and get instant access to ALL Lightroom presets.

Plus, as a Pro member, you also have access to the 400+ Photoshop actions, Lightroom overlays, Photoshop overlays, Photoshop + Lightroom templates, and over 100 hours of Pro video tutorials.

Grab a Pro membership and learn about Lightroom, Photoshop, photography and more!

Lightroom CC + Classic

New to Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic? No worries. With a Pro subscription we have Pro tutorials for everyone; Beginners – Advanced users.

Learn how to use Lightroom for organizing your media files, how to edit like a pro and much more.

What's included with these spring Lightroom presets?

Includes 36 pre-made, custom spring Lightroom presets designed for your spring photos.

Plus, a Quick Start Guide, Lightroom Preset Guide, and ongoing support. 

If you get a monthly or yearly Pro subscription you’ll have full access to ALL Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, Lightroom + Photoshop templates, Pro tutorials and more!

Do I need any Lightroom experience?

Short answer; No.

Our spring lightroom presets are easy to install and use.  In fact, the Quick Start Guide will have them installed and ready to use in less than 60 seconds!

Supporting material is also included to help you get the most out of the spring Lightroom presets.

Is this included in the Pro subscription?

Yes!  This is one of many Lightroom preset collections available to subscribers.  Click here to sign-up and start downloading today!

How long can I keep these Lightroom presets?

The spring Lightroom presets you download are yours to keep… forever!

Make sure to make a back-up of your a la carte purchase.  There may be an additional fee to re-download.

No worries if you’re a Pro subscriber.  If your files become damaged or you need to transfer to a new hard drive you can re-download.  However, please keep in mind that sharing is illegal!

How many computers can I install these spring Lightroom presets?

You may install our spring Lightroom presets on up to 2 computers.  Anything more will require an additional purchase.  Sharing is not allowed!

What version of Lightroom is required to install these spring Lightroom presets?

We recommend Lightroom Classic for these spring Lightroom presets.   

Lightroom has recently changed the format of Lightroom presets and they may (or may not) work with Lightroom 5 and 6.

How long do I have access to the Quick Start Guide tutorial.

If you sign up as a Pro member you’ll have access as long as your a subscriber.

If I have questions where can I ask them?

You can join our private Facebook group to ask questions.  Or if you’re not a fan of FB click here to submit a question.