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36 Spring Lightroom Presets

Summer, winter, and fall may have their fans, but spring is clearly the most lovable of the four seasons. How do I know?

Well, the flowers, the birds, the leaves, the bees, and even the bears return! Who doesn’t love spring?

Even better, you can now go outside and start shooting pretty photos without a winter wardrobe.  Ready to shoot? Awesome! Now, you can take those beautiful spring photos and enhance them with our spring effects.

This gorgeous, easy to use collection will instantly infuse your photos with a touch of light, a boost of color and/or the precision for custom edits.

Rejoice. Winter is Over!


It’s time to get outside and start taking photos again! Wouldn’t you agree?

Once you do, you can then spice up and enhance your photos by adding a touch-of-light, brighten up and boost colors, create a soft elegant glow and much more.

All with this collection.

Quick Start Guide

Easy to install. Even easier to use. Our Quick Start Guide will have you using our spring filters in 60 seconds or less!

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36 presets


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Precise Control

Any preset you apply to your images, whether ours or someone else’s, the edits applied are non-destructive. In other words, they don’t damage the original file.

You can easily remove the edits by resetting the “edit” settings or by applying a new preset.

This is great news because it also means you can adjust any edits applied for best results… for YOUR photo.

Any presets you apply are just that… “edits”. Edits that were saved as a preset (for later use) were done based on the creative vision of the person doing the edits AND the photo they were applying them too.

Photos (and their histograms) are like snowflakes. No two are alike!

So, it makes sense that a preset made for one photo may not be perfect for another.

Sometimes you need to make adjustments until you’re happy with the results.  Which is super-duper easy to do!

If you’re new to Lightroom I’ll show you how to adjust any edits to get the results you want.

If you have some experience in Lightroom then you can use any of these presets as a starting point for your creative vision.

Portraits + Landscapes

What type of photos should you use these presets on? Well, since these presets were designed with spring in mind…you can use them on any type of photo!

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a photo of a landscape or an outdoor portrait, a wedding photo or any other type of photography.

10 Free Spring Presets

The following free presets are not included in the premium collection (above).

After downloading the free presets you can learn how to install Lightroom presets in under 60 seconds. Download all these free presets without giving up your email address!  Instant download.

Premium Presets


36 presets


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