Lightroom Presets

650+ Presets | Pro Tutorials Included

Created for beginners – advanced users! Speed up your workflow and/or discover new creative edits to fulfill your creative vision!

Advanced presets include video tutorials to get the most out of the presets. Plus, a preset guide is included for learning how to customize for your vision.

Lightroom Pro Presets 1

400+ Creative Presets

Add some creativity to your edits. Organized by style for easy selection based on your current project.

Lightroom Pro Presets 2

25 Dramatic Sky Presets

Drab skies got you down?  No worries. This set of presets will help you enhance your skies! Gauranteed.

Lightroom Pro Presets 3

50 Sun-Flare Presets

Add some “flare” to your photos!  Easily adjust the size, position, opacity and more for unlimited possibilities!

Lightroom Pro Presets 4

Lightroom Fall Edits

Take back control from Mother Nature.

30 Lightroom presets that will allow you to transform ordinary, plain, boring, green foliage into Fall Colors – all in Lightroom!  

Lightroom Pro Presets 5

Portrait Presets

Custom editing portrait photos just got a lot easier! And it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Our Lightroom portrait presets were developed for portrait photographers to help you create custom edits.

Lightroom Pro Presets 6

Faster Workflow Presets

You will come away with 7 types of presets you can use to cut your post-production time by up to 50%. Includes 35 custom presets to get you started!

 Pro video tutorial included too.

Lightroom Pro Presets 7

Newborn Presets

Editing and re-touching newborns can be time-consuming. However, it doesn’t have to be.  Includes presets designed specifically for the unique challenges of editing newborns.  

Lightroom Pro Presets 8

Wedding Presets

Custom editing wedding photos just got a lot easier (and faster)!

These Lightroom custom editing presets for weddings were developed for, well, wedding photographers!