Lightroom Presets

Everything from creative presets to workflow presets. Looking for a new creative edit to fulfill your creative vision?

Or want to speed up your workflow?

No problem. With over 600 Lightroom presets you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Perfect for all levels of experience: beginners – advanced users!
Photoshop Actions
dark and moody free lightroom presets

Dark + Moody

Transform ordinary images into dark and mysterious artwork.
lightroom fall preset

Fall Collection II

the Beauty of Fall, enhanced. Lightroom presets designed specifically for Fall photos.

Matte Collection

Add a bit of creativity to your photos with our Matte presets. Creates a flat “finish” and a bit of a retro feel.
summer lightroom presets

Summer Collection

Enhance your Summer images by adding a splash of light, boost colors, add contrast and more with our Summer actions.
photoshop vintage action

Vintage Collection

These Lightroom presets were designed with my creative vision in mind.

Now, you too can use the same actions I use for my artwork.
Lightroom Pastel Preset

Pastel Collection

Looking for a new creative look? Then, add a bit of color to your photos with this set of Lightroom (pastel) presets. Created with Pastel colors as the color palette.
retro preset

Retro Collection

Add a touch of yesteryear with this collection of retro Lightroom presets. Includes the “look” of film from the late 1800s to the 1980s and specific types of film. Plus, much more.
Lightroom preset B&W

B&W Collection

B&W is a lost art. There’s more to creating a B&W image than just adjusting saturation.

Use this set of B&W Lightroom presets for more creative B&W edits.
spring preset

Spring Collection

Boost those Spring colors by enhancing individual colors, making your skies more dramatic, the grass greener, add a matte finish, adjust the depth-of-field, and much more.
Lightroom preset Winter

Winter Collection

Take your winter photos and enhance the mood of them by removing the “blues”, warming them up a touch, create nostalgic edits and much more.
lightroom wedding preset

Wedding Collection

These Lightroom presets were designed by a wedding photographer for wedding photographers. Gain precise control over your edits.
lightroom newborn preset

Newborn Collection

Lightroom presets designed for the challenges of editing newborn photos; add improve grayish skin tones, reduce purple feet, define eyebrows, & more.
Free presets for use Lightroom

Portrait Collection

Custom editing portrait photos just got a lot easier! Our Lightroom portrait presets were developed for portrait photographers to help you take your edits to the next level.
lightroom workflow

Workflow Collection

Wouldn’t you love to spend less time editing your photos? Well, in this Lightroom class you’ll learn how to improve your post processing speed by up to 50%!
lightroom sky presets

Dramatic Sky Collection

Plain, boring or blown out skies got you down? RAW shooters can now dramatically improve their skies with our dramatic Lightroom sky presets. Pro tutorials included.
LR fall edit

Transform Fall

Lightroom presets that will allow you to transform ordinary, plain, boring, green foliage into Fall Colors – all in Lightroom… Photoshop need not apply!
presets autumn

Fall Collection I

Enhance the beautiful colors of Fall, create vintage style photos, add some sun and a lot more.