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Improve Your Lightroom Post Processing Speed By Up to 50%

Increase your Lightroom post processing workflow & get back to doing what you love the most… taking photos.​

Speed Up Your Workflow.

Stop searching and start implementing a faster Lightroom workflow.

Wouldn’t you love to spend less time editing your photos?  

Well, in this Lightroom class you’ll learn how to improve your post processing speed by up to 50%!

How?  There 7 types of Lightroom presets you can use to speed up your workflow.

Not only will you learn these 7 types of Lightroom post processing presets I’ve included 35 of my most used Lightroom presets… to get you up and running fast!

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35 presets


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Cut your editing time in half with Lightroom develop presets. Includes free presets & tips for using.

Plus, learn some additional pro tips for a fast and productive Lightroom workflow.

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Lightroom Adjustment presets give you the control to apply edits exactly where you want them. 

Learn how to use to improve your images.  I’ll even show you how to make your own Lightroom adjustment presets. 

Oh, and, I’ve included a few of my own custom presets to get you started.

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Another type of preset to help you control where you apply edits. This type of Lightroom preset is awesome for improving skies, making a portion of your image brighter or darker, and much more.

Learn how to use Graduated filter presets to improve your images.

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Once you’re done editing your photo in Lightroom it’s time to share it with the world.

In today’s digital world there is an unlimited number of recommended sizes for different platforms. Plus, pro labs also have different recommendations.

Learn how to create an Export preset to make exporting quicker and easier.

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In today’s digital world it’s imperative to protect your intellectual property. One way to protect your images is with a watermark. But, some “thieves” are masters at removing watermarks.

Therefore, you should add another layer of protection with a copyright. Learn how to make a copyright preset and auto add during import!



Being organized is essential if you want to keep your sanity… and save time. But, it’s time-consuming adding keywords to thousands and thousands of photos

Struggle no more. Learn how to create Keyword presets that can be made for different types of photography. Then, learn how to quickly add them during the culling process.

If you do this, there’s an added bonus for pro photographers: keywords will improve your chances of prospects finding you.  How?  By ranking your images on search engines.

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Improve your productivity with Lightroom Keyword Set presets. This preset will make it faster applying keywords to your images. A must for any busy photographer.



This class includes 35 custom, pre-made presets to help you improve your workflow.  Plus, learn how to make your own.

"The course does its duty. I bought it to put order in my photographs with lightroom. Lessons on keywords, metadata were very useful and explained in impeccably way.

Chris Parker as a teacher is competent, clear, precise and never shows any hesitation about anything he explains."
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Oronzo Roberti
"Chris gives a good introduction how to work with presets, and from there building your own. The repetitive steps applied to all photos when you get them from the camera can be done much faster with presets.

With the optimized workflow I’ll have more time available for the creative work."
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René Tschannen
"Friendly, easy to understand instructor. Well paced – sufficient detail supplied.

Course delivered exactly what it promised. Instructor offers post-course support which I haven’t needed or used as yet but nice to know he’s there."
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Malcolm Campbell
"I really wanted to master the creation and use of Lightroom presets. This course covered that completely with efficiency. I am up and presets now."
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Kenneth Hodin

This Pro tutorial includes 35 Lightroom presets to help you increase your productivity.  Plus, 1.5 hours of instructional tutorials to help you get the presets installed and setup.

Short answer; No.

All our Pro tutorials provide step-by-step instructions to learn the skill you’re looking to gain.  Each of which is designed for beginners.

However, we do have some Pro tutorials that are for advanced users too.

Yes!  This is one of many Pro tutorials available to subscribers.  Click here to find out more and get started learning new Lightroom skills.

Our free tutorials focus on a single skill or technique.

Our Pro tutorials cover additional techniques, more detail and depth about the subject.

Plus, Pro subscribers receive premium support to questions and more. Oh, and the Pro tutorials also include additional resources vs. free tutorials.

This Pro tutorial is designed for photographers that utilize Lightroom CC Classic. The presets will not work for the cloud-based version of Lightroom.

Yes! All Pro tutorial resources are yours for life.

However, any images provided are for training purposes only and can not be used in your portfolio (or be re-sold).  All images are copyrighted by Parker Photographic

You’ll have access to a “classroom” where you can ask questions.

I provide my 30 years of experience as a photographer and 12 years as a Lightroom user to help you achieve your goals.

As a pro subscriber, not only do you get every pro class, but you also get me as your mentor. 

Premium Presets


35 presets


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Learn Photography, Lightroom, Photoshop & GIMP, and darktable too.  Plus instantly download all premium presets and actions!

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