25 Dramatic Lightroom Sky Presets!

Dull, boring, or blown out skies got you down? RAW shooters can now dramatically improve their skies with our dramatic Lightroom sky presets.

Includes 25+ presets that will dramatically change and fix your skies.

Are your white, fluffy clouds blown-out? No problem.

Use our Lightroom Adjustment brushes, for clouds, to bring back the detail, shape, and define your clouds.

Dramatic Sky Presets
for Lightroom Classic + CC

Mid-afternoon shoots sometimes result in “white” skies.

Use one of our Graduated Filter presets to increase the blue of your skies.

Or use one of our sunset presets to enhance your skies any time of the day.

Learn how to use our Lightroom sky presets with the included video tutorials.

Even if you’re brand new to Lightroom I’ll show you exactly how to enhance your skies. Guaranteed.

These type of presets are more powerful than the common develop presets we all first learn about.

In fact, the knowledge you gain can help you improve other areas of your images.

Ready to take your Lightroom editing skills to the next level?

Instantly download these 25 Lightroom sky presets with the a la carte option.

Or sign up for the Pro tutorials and receive hundreds more Lightroom presets.

Oh, and the Pro tutorial subscription also includes over 100 hours of video tutorials about Lightroom, photography, Photoshop and more!

Premium Presets


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This Lightroom Pro tutorial includes 25 custom, pre-made presets to help you enhance your plain, boring skies.

Plus, tutorials to show how to install and use the presets. And additional pro tips.

Absolutely! I’ve designed these presets for anyone who has absolutely NO prior knowledge about Lightroom presets.

Yes! This is one of many Pro tutorials available to subscribers. Click here to find out more and get started learning new Lightroom skills.

Yes. You can install presets on up to 3 computers – that YOU own.

It is illegal to share these Lightroom presets with family and friends.

Our free tutorials focus on a single skill or technique.

Our Pro tutorials cover additional techniques, more detail and depth about the subject.

Plus, Pro subscribers receive premium support to questions and more.

Oh, and the Pro tutorials also include additional resources vs. free tutorials.

These Lightroom presets can be used in Lightroom CC Classic.


All Pro tutorial resources are yours for life.

However, you cannot share, sell or use any images for your portfolio.

All images provided are for training purposes only.

All images are copyrighted by Parker Photographic.


Even if you’re a seasoned pro, I guarantee there’s something in here you’ve never seen before.

I provide my 30 years of experience as a photographer and 12 years as a user of Lightroom to help you achieve your goals.

As a pro subscriber, not only do you get every pro class, but you also get me as your mentor.

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