Lightroom newborn workflow presetsLightroom newborn workflow presets

25+ Lightroom Newborn Workflow Presets for Newborn Photographers

Editing and re-touching newborns can be time-consuming. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Our “Lightroom Newborn Workflow Presets” were developed for newborn photographers to speed up your workflow.

These newborn presets are perfect for the challenges of editing newborns. Includes over 25 Lightroom brush presets to meet the challenges of editing newborns.

Plus, pro tutorials are included showing how to use the presets for custom edits, pro tips, and editing faster and consistently.


25+ Lightroom newborn workflow presets

The “Lightroom Newborn Workflow Presets” include 25+ Lightroom brush presets to help editing newborns.

Includes presets designed specifically for the unique challenges of editing newborns: add flesh tone to grayish skin, reduce purple feet, soften splotchiness, sharpen eyelashes, define eyebrows, and pro tips for editing like a pro.

Editing with our Lightroom brushes will increase your productivity and make it easier. All brushes are neatly organized and include a brush cheat sheet for easily finding what you need.

Plus, each brush can be customized as needed or for your own personal preference.

Photo (above) provided by Parker Photographic  ///  Photos (below) provided by Rocyka Fotografie

Lightroom newborn workflow presets

Basic Edits

The power of Lightroom brush presets is the ability to apply your edits exactly where you want them. 

With this set of Lightroom adjustment brush presets you can apply edits in specific areas of your image.

For example, improving the exposure of just the face of a newborn by increasing or decreasing the brightness.

Plus, additional brush presets for reducing color casts, boost detail, and more. 

Lightroom newborn workflow presetsLightroom newborn workflow presets

Skin Edits

As a newborn photographer it’s our job to make newborns look their best without over-editing.

With different variations of skin “smoothing” brushes, you can edit newborn faces, hands and feet to diminish dry, discolored skin.

Lightroom presets to smooth the skin include: natural and subtle brushes, reduce grey, red or magenta (for splotchiness), and much more.

Lightroom newborn workflow presetsLightroom newborn workflow presets

Hair Edits

Not all newborns are bald!  Use this Lightroom brush to enhance hair.

Lightroom newborn workflow presetsLightroom newborn workflow presets

Lip Edits

Lips. Another prominent feature that can make or break an image. Use the included lip brush preset to smooth out dry, cracked lips.

Lightroom newborn workflow presetsLightroom newborn workflow presets

Eye Edits

This set of Lightroom presets will help you enhance eyebrows and eyelashes. 

Lightroom newborn workflow presetsLightroom newborn workflow presets

B&W Edits

B&W edits are a lost art form. Too many photographers take the easy way out and drop Saturation to 0. Instant B&W. And boring.

Be creative. Create something your clients are going to cherish and will want to display on their wall.


The Lightroom™ newborn workflow presets includes 25+ brushes (for Lightroom 6, 5 and 4) that were specifically designed for the unique challenges of editing newborn photos.

These newborn Lightroom brushes will streamline your workflow and make you much more productive.

You will now be able to do the majority of your newborn editing and retouching directly in Lightroom.

This set of newborn Lightroom brushes were designed for use by newborn photographers. Whether you’re a new photographer or experienced these newborn Lightroom brushes will increase your productivity and improve your photos.

Very easy!

After watching the video tutorials if you still have questions please message me in the private Facebook group.

Or you can submit questions in the virtual classroom that is included.

All of the newborn Lightroom brushes work on RAW, JPG and TIFF files.

Brushes are non-destructible (they will not affect your original image).

This allows you to re-touch on the three most popular file formats and have the ability to re-adjust the newborn Lightroom brush settings at a later time.

Yes! Brushes can be installed on both a Mac and PC.

You can install the brushes in Lightroom CC Classic and Lightroom 4-6. They will not work for Lightroom CC (the cloud version).

You can install the Lightroom presets on 3 computers.

No. The newborn Lightroom brushes only work with Lightroom versions 4 and up.

I provide my 30 years of experience as a pro photographer and 12 years as a user of Lightroom to help you achieve your goals.

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5 Free Newborn Lightroom Presets

The following free newborn Lightroom presets are not included in the premium collection (above). 

Also, these are NOT develop presets. These newborn presets will require a different method for installing and using.  Please read the included instructions to learn how to properly install and use. 

Or check out our how to install guide.

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5 Free Newborn
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