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30 Retro Photoshop Actions​

A popular collection of retro actions too, well, give your images that old-school retro feel. Includes a total of 30 Photoshop retro actions to give your photos that vintage look.

The creation of these retro actions were inspired by photos dating back from 1897 through 1980. After examining and studying 100’s of prints I was able to reproduce the retro look in Photoshop. This includes, but not limited to; X-process, Technicolor, Kodak Portra, Tin Type and much more.

Retro. Classic. Vintage. Film.


If you’re looking for a retro editing style that gives you a look and feel from the days of film then look no further.

Retro edits are popular among photographers, bloggers, and Instagrammers.

Now you too can have this vintage, film-look with our retro Photoshop actions.

What is retro? Well, it is said that anything older than 100 years old is an antique. Up to 100 years old is considered “retro” or vintage.

How did I create these retro Photoshop actions? First, I studied photos from the late 1800s all the way up to the 1980s.

Then, I painstakingly hand-crafted Photoshop actions to match the look of prints during the most important times of the photo industry.

Each of the retro Photoshop actions can be applied with one-click. Oh, and you can also adjust the retro edits based on your personal preference. I’ll show you how.

40 Retro Premium Actions

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30 presets


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Quick Start Guide

Easy to install. Even easier to use.

Our Quick Start Guide will have you using our vintage presets in 60 seconds or less!

Classic Vintage Edits

This collection of retro Photoshop actions includes everything from classic types of film effects to more creative types of edits. All giving you that retro look!

Just like with any of our Photoshop actions you can easily adjust them to your liking. And you could even save your adjustments as your own personal retro Photoshop action.

Portraits + Landscapes

What type of photos should you use these Photoshop retro actions on?

Well, since these retro actions were designed with yesteryear in mind… the skies the limit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a photo of a landscape, an outdoor portrait, studio portrait, a wedding or any other type of photography.  You’re only limited by your imagination!

10 Free Retro Photoshop Actions

The following free retro Photoshop actions are not included in the premium collection (above).  Once downloaded, you'll find two different Photoshop files for your actions. 

One is an .atn file that will install directly in Photoshop.  The other is an .xmp file.

To learn how to install these actions check out our How To Install Photoshop Actions & Presets guide.

Get 400+ premium Photoshop actions for $10... cancel anytime. 

40 Retro Premium Actions

Only $10


30 actions


fb group

online community